À propos de DevExtreme

Suite de composants JavaScript HTML5 pour un développement Web réactif.

DevExtreme from DevExpress was designed to help you create highly responsive web applications for touch devices and traditional desktops. The suite ships with 60+ UI components. There is no difference which platform or technology you use - Angular, React, ASP.NET MVC or something else. DevExtreme includes data grid, interactive charts, data editors, navigation and multi-purpose widgets that are designed to look great and provide powerful functionality in any browser.

DevExtreme Responsive Web Development - DevExtreme can be used with different technologies and supports deep integration with client-side libraries.

  • jQuery
  • Angular
  • React
  • Knockout
  • AngularJS

Visual Studio Support

  • DevExtreme comes with application templates integrated into Visual Studio. Using these templates, you will create mobile applications more quickly.

React Grid

  • Integrated sorting, paging, and data grouping
  • Built-in data filtering, selection, and editing
  • Advanced UI elements such as a filter row and record detail row
  • Virtual record scrolling
  • Bootstrap and Material-UI templates
  • Column resizing/reordering
  • Column chooser
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Bands (column groups)
  • Header filter
  • Fixed columns

React Chart

  • A data visualization component that provides different series types, including bar, line, area, scatter, pie, and so on. It can function in uncontrolled and controlled state modes. In uncontrolled mode, the UI plugins manage the state internally. In controlled mode, the state is managed externally via plugin props. The DevExtreme React Chart has a composable and extendable architecture in which plugins provide additional elements (such as a legend, grid, and axes). It also supports Twitter Bootstrap and Material-UI rendering and theming.

React Scheduler

  • DevExtreme React Scheduler is a component that represents scheduled data and allows a user to manage it. Scheduler can display data on different views: day, week, and month. Support for controlled and uncontrolled state modes allows you to manage Scheduler state manually or using a state management library like Redux. The DevExtreme Scheduler component has a composable and extendable plugin-based architecture. Currently, the Scheduler is provided with Material-UI rendering and theming.

HTML Editor

  • DevExtreme HTML5 JavaScript HTML Editor is a client-side WYSIWYG text editor that allows its users to format textual and visual content and store it as HTML or Markdown. In this demo, the editor’s content provides a list of supported features. You can edit it using the toolbar that consists entirely of built-in controls.

Theme Builder

  • The Theme Builder is a tool for creating custom themes based on predefined DevExtreme and Bootstrap themes.

Data Grid

  • Fast Data Processing
  • Flexible Data-Binding
  • Adaptability
  • Master-Detail
  • Powerful Data Shaping and Record Grouping Options
  • Integrated Filtering and Search Panel
  • Built-in Data Editing and Validation
  • Intuitive Record Selection
  • Column and Layout Customization
  • Data Summaries
  • Comprehensive Data Export Options
  • Optimized for Touch-First User Experiences

Chart, Gauge and Range Controls

  • DevExtreme data visualization widgets allow you to transform data to its most appropriate, concise, and readable visual representation. All chart, gauge and range selector widgets can be composed into beautiful, informative dashboards that effectively convey information at a single glance. And as you might expect, the widgets that ship as part of DevExtreme Web Edition can easily be themed and styled to address any UI requirement.


  • Multiple Calendar View Options
  • Built-in Resource Grouping
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Appointment Editing
  • Date Navigator

Tree List

  • Data-Binding
  • Adaptability
  • Data Editing and Record Validation
  • Record Selection
  • Filtering and Searching
  • Scrolling
  • Column and Layout Customization

Pivot Grid

  • The DevExtreme HTML5 JavaScript Pivot Grid is a feature-rich client-side widget optimized for multi-dimensional data analysis and ships with a rich set of runtime customization options so your users can quickly summarize business trends via its cross-tabular display format.

Form Layout

  • Multiple Item Types
  • A Customizable Layout
  • Validation


  • DevExtreme HTML5 JavaScript Map widgets provide interactive maps that can be customized by using different providers and data sources.


  • The Menu widget is a panel with clickable items. A click on an item opens a drop-down menu, which can contain several submenus.


  • DevExtreme HTML5 JavaScript Gauge controls are interactive jQuery components for visualizing data on dashboards. They come in two geometric shapes: circular, or radial, and linear. Circular gauges, in turn, can be of two sub-types: regular gauges and bar gauges.


  • The TreeView widget displays a hierarchical collection of items using a traditional tree structure. TreeView nodes can be expanded and collapsed to display sub-items.


  • The Accordion widget contains several panels displayed one under another. These panels can be collapsed or expanded by a user, which makes this widget very useful for presenting information in a limited amount of space.


  • The Tabs is a tab strip used to switch between pages or views.


  • DevExtreme HTML5 JavaScript Editors is a collection of more than fifteen widgets available as jQuery plugins. This collection includes Calendar, DateBox, Switch, TextBox, and many other editors that allow a user to enter, store and validate data.


  • The DataGrid makes it easy to export your data to an Excel file. Data is exported as it is displayed in the DataGrid: sorting, filtering and grouping are applied - while numbers, dates and associated formatting is maintained.