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À propos de DevExpress ASP.NET

Suites de composants, bibliothèques et extensions ASP.NET AJAX et MVC récompensées par tous les prix majeurs et produites par DevExpress dans un package intégré.

DevExpress ASP.NET includes the following products that have been fully optimized for the ASP.NET WebForms platform: reporting and printing, charting, grid and data editors, scheduling and calendars, HTML editor, TreeView-ListView, pivot grid and analytics, menus, toolbars, navigation bars, spell shecking, multi-purpose controls and an ORM Library. If you are targeting the MVC platform, DevExpress ASP.NET includes a rich collection of ASP.NET MVC Extensions. This package includes a 1 Year Subscription to all DevExpress ASP.NET products.

DevExpress ASP.NET includes all ASP.NET components engineered by Developer Express. This subscription type does not include source code nor priority support.

DevExpress engineers a complete range of AJAX enabled ASP.NET controls and libraries for Visual Studio .NET. These optimized Web controls allow you to create highly responsive Web applications that address your customer business needs in the shortest possible time. The following is a summary of features available across the entire DevExpress ASP.NET AJAX product line.

Fast and Lightweight

  • Exceptional Performance - Speed is perhaps the most important aspects of a polished Web application. DevExpress controls are highly-optimized for exceptional performance and efficient memory use without the loss of functionality or features. Among the many innovations across our ASP.NET product line is the availability of two data sources that support on-demand data loading. DevExpress ASP.NET controls also support optimizations like HTML compression, callbacks, image sprites, resource caching and sharing.
  • Lightweight HTML Markup - DevExpress ASP.NET controls use the minimum amount of HTML markup while still providing you and your users with advanced features like sorting, grouping and filtering. DevExpress ASP.NET navigation controls use semantic HTML to keep output clean and minimal. The semantic HTML markup means web pages that are lighter and faster, more search engine (SEO) friendly and it also gives you better accessibility with screen readers (for visually impaired users).
  • Unlimited Appearance and Content Customization - From application-wide themes to complete control over every individual element
  • Built-In Application-Wide Themes - All DevExpress ASP.NET controls ship with over 10 built-in themes – allowing you to change how a controls looks and behaves with a single mouse click.
  • Appearance Customization - DevExpress ASP.NET controls fully support style properties so you can customize the appearance of individual elements and manage the overall appearance of a given control.
  • ASP.NET Template Support - Templates are fully supported across numerous DevExpress ASP.NET controls. For each control and each element inside it, you can fully customize the appearance or layout using any HTML or server-side control.
  • Comprehensive and Consistent API - Write consistent code, whether on server or client side
  • Consistent API Across Product Line - Work seamlessly using a similar API for controls on the server and client-side. In fact, many controls also feature a similar API to the WinForms controls to leverage your knowledge of the WinForms suites.
  • Rich Client-Side Functionality - A comprehensive client-side API is available for all DevExpress ASP.NET controls. This functionality which is coupled with the ability to handle events on the client side allows you to maintain full control over the control's behavior on the client.
  • Extended Client-Side Events -The web controls expose a rich set of client-side events. These events are executed on the client side and have been engineered to maximize performance and to provide all key elements needed for the functionality of individual controls.
  • Build Web Applications for the Broadest Audience - Accessibility guideline compliance and full support for all popular browsers
  • Section 508 – Web Accessibility - DevExpress ASP.NET controls can help you create web pages that conform to accessibility guidelines. Though DevExpress web controls might not render markup that results in pages that meet accessibility standards, they expose API (properties, methods, events) that you can use to make the pages accessible. In addition, most DevExpress web controls implement the AccessibilityCompliant property that allows more accessible markup to be generated for individual controls.
  • Cross Browser Compatibility - Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0+, Mozilla FireFox 2.0+, Google Chrome 1.0+, Apple Safari 3.0+, Opera 9.0+ and Navigator 9.0+. The controls are cross-browser compatible and are carefully tested on multiple browsers to ensure utmost compatibility.

What’s Inside DevExpress ASP.NET
DevExpress ASP.NET ships with over 80 Individual ASP.NET AJAX Controls including:

ASP.NET Reporting

XtraReports Suite
The XtraReports Suite is a.NET reporting platform for WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF, and Silverlight. It fully integrates into Visual Studio and includes a rich collection of features including:

  • Full Visual Studio Integration with Built-in Report
  • Preview, HTML View and Report Wizard
  • Support for Data Sources of Any Kind
  • Native Report Controls such as Label, Line, Picture Box, Check Box, Rich Text Box, Table, Shape, Chart, Pivot Table, Bar Code, ZIP Code, Page Break and Page Information
  • Multiple Report Band Types for Reports of Any Complexity
  • Master-Detail Reports
  • Multi-Column Reports
  • Full Sub-Report Support
  • Extensible MDI End-User Report Designer
  • Export to Multiple File Formats including PDF, XLSX, HTML, RTF, etc.
  • Complete AJAX Callback Support
  • Medium Trust and Windows Azure Support
  • Report Caching for Faster Navigation and Export Operations
  • Document Map Support (Bookmarks)
  • Available with Full Source Code
  • Royalty Free Distribution – No server based deployment fees

ASP.NET Grid and Data Editors

ASPxGridView Suite
Because data grids lie at the heart of many Web applications, speed and memory footprint are critical to delivering an effective user experience. The fast ASPxGridView was engineered to meet and exceed end-user expectations and ships with the following key features:

  • Data Shaping Against an Unlimited Number of Columns (Grouping, Sorting, Summary Computations)
  • Integrated Data Editing with over 20 Data Edit Controls
  • Customizable and Ease-to-Use Data Filtering Options
  • Master-Detail Data Representation
  • Data Export to Multiple File Formats
  • End-User Column Customization
  • Preview Rows
  • Embedded Pager with Record Scrolling
  • Template Support
  • Rich Collection of UI Themes
  • Excel Style Fixed Columns
  • Right to Left Support
  • Section 508 Compliance
  • Available with Full Source Code
  • Royalty Free Distribution – No Server Based Deployment Fees


The ASPxHTML Editor allows you to deliver web applications with rich text editing functionality. Regardless of the solution you need to build – be it a blog editor, email client or simply exchanging formatted documents within your company - you simply drop the control onto a form and instantly have access to a text editor with an intuitive user interface that resembles Microsoft Word (with similar toolbars and the same keyboard shortcuts). Key features include:

  • WYSIWYG HTML Editing
  • Integrated HTML View
  • Comprehensive Table Support
  • Intuitive Image Selection and Image Manager Dialog
  • Built-in Spell Checking
  • Full Screen Mode and Custom Dialog Support
  • Custom CSS and Custom Toolbar Support

ASP.NET Charting

The XtraCharts Suite delivers both 2D and 3D Charts for ASP.NET, WinForms and the DevExpress Reporting Platform.  With well over 45 chart types, it allows your customers to visualize and understand data with ease. Chart types include:

  • Bar, Stacked Bar, Full Stacked Bar Charts
  • Point, Bubble, Line Charts
  • Step Line, Spline Charts
  • Area, Stacked Area, Full Stacked Area Charts
  • Range Bar and Gantt Charts
  • Doughnut and Pie Charts
  • Stock and Candlestick Charts
  • Radar and Polar Charts

Beyond its rich collection of chart types, the XtraCharts Suite ships with

  • a powerful collection of data analysis features,
  • offers smart label and chart title support,
  • provides flexible data-binding choices,
  • delivers advanced appearance and chart customization options,
  • ensures an intuitive design-time experience.

ASP.NET Scheduling and Calendars

ASPxScheduler Suite
The ASPxScheduler Suite allows you to introduce Microsoft® Office® Style Scheduling/Calendar features to your next ASP.NET application. With multiple calendar view types – from a single day to a month - the ASPxScheduler is a high performance multi-purpose control with AJAX callback support, offering you:

  • Day, Week, and Month Views
  • Timeline View
  • Multiple Resource Views
  • Built-in Appointment Dialogs and Menus
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Advanced Calendar Printing and Export via the XtraReports Suite
  • Additional Standalone Controls, including Date Navigator and Resource Navigator
  • Time-Zone Support
  • vCalendar, iCalendar, and XML Data Exchange

Individual ASP.NET MVC Extensions
DevExpress MVC Extensions provide unmatched functionality and feature set in the ASP.NET MVC marketplace. They will help you build loosely-coupled, highly testable, agile applications that provide fine-grained control over your ASP.NET web projects.

  • Grid View
  • HTML Editor
  • Charting
  • Menu with ToolBar emulation
  • Tree View
  • Tab
  • Callback Panel
  • Popup
  • Splitter
  • Upload
  • NavBar
  • And more