À propos de FastReport Desktop

Logiciel prêt à l'emploi de création, fourniture et planification des rapports.

FastReport Desktop is a standalone reporting software package that doesn't require creating a custom application. With FastReport Desktop you can get rid of reporting related routines. FastReport Desktop is made to design reports, automate operations on reports, build reports from command line, batch report processing, export reports to various formats, send reports by email, save reports on a local disk or remote resources, do it all on a schedule and no programming required.

Automate the generation and delivery of reports from multiple databases (even simultaneously). Set up report export and easily send them to data repositories with a few clicks.

  • Step 1: Create a report template and connect it to the database in the report designer.
  • Step 2: Specify the actions you want to perform on the report. Do you want to export it to PDF? Or maybe Excel? Send it via email or print it? Anything you want.
  • Step 3: Schedule the task. Choose the day and time you want to have the completed report on your desk.

What does the product consist of?

  • A visual designer for creating and editing reports.
  • A report builder in the form of a console utility for report generation and processing.
  • GUI configuration for creating builder tasks.
  • A convenient scheduler for executing scheduled tasks.
  • A viewer for displaying and printing completed reports.

In the Standard edition, you need to manually connect these utilities to your project.

In the Professional edition, does it for you. The unified interface of the utilities and the report manager will help you set up business processes much faster.

What can the designer do?

  • The report designer allows developers and users to create, develop, edit, view, save, export, and print custom reports.
  • FastReport Desktop works independently without integration into Visual Studio, and it also supports scaling, undo/redo buffers, rulers, and extension lines. The designer can be used at runtime, allowing your users to independently modify existing documents and create new ones. Additionally, the designer can be used in MDI (Multi-Document Interface) mode to work with multiple reports simultaneously.
  • Available objects: Text, Image, Shape, Line, Nested Reports, Table, Matrix, Barcode, Charts, Maps, RichText, Checkbox, Postal Code, Text in Cells, Exports to 40+ formats, Dialog Forms, Data Sources, Runtime Report Designer, Report Scripting, Template Saving in the Cloud.
  • Localization is supported for over 40 popular languages.

Are reports secure?

  • Method 1. In the “Security” tab, specify a password that will be required to open the report. The password-protected report is saved in an encoded format, so remember your password! It will be nearly impossible to recover the report in this case.
  • Method 2. Enhance the security of your data by using your encryption key. In this case, you can open the report file properly only in your program.
  • Method 3. Apply additional report customization to grant permission for printing, editing, and copying text and graphics from the document.

How does the scheduling work?

  • You can set up the generation of reports daily, weekly, or monthly with a detailed analysis of all information. FastReport Desktop is perfect for creating quarterly reports, monthly sales analyses, and generating payment documents daily.
  • Customize the schedule according to your needs. Schedule report generation only when the computer starts up. Or enable automatic report creation upon system login.
  • You can do the following with the ready files:
    • Save them locally and then download them.
    • Print them once the generation is complete.
    • Upload them to cloud storage such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, box, email, and FTP.

Why FastReport Desktop?

  • Transform your data into visual information. Create a report, connect to a database, and use charts to make informed business decisions. FastReport Desktop is an excellent replacement for the outdated FastReport Studio solution.
  • Compatible databases: MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Firebird SQL, RavenDB, Couchbase, XML, JSON, CSV, SQLite, OLE DB, ODBC.
  • Export formats: PDF, PDF / A, PDF / X, RTF, Excel 2007, Excel 97, Word 2007, PowerPoint 2007, Open Office Calc, Open Office Writer, XML, XAML, HTML, MHT, BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, EMF, SVG, CSV, DBF, Json, Text, ZPL, PPML, PostScript, XPS, LaTeX.
  • Low-code. FastReport Desktop does not require programming skills and is suitable even for experienced users. The interface features simple logic and drag-and-drop functions instead of various programming languages. Comprehensive documentation will make it easier to learn the system and integrate it with your custom IT solutions.