OzCode - Professional Edition

OzCode - Professional Edition is an innovative debugging tool, which complements Visual Studio and improves the C# debugging experience. It is a visual debugger which helps you figure out complex expressions, drill into inner exceptions, easily add logging statements on-the-fly and quickly diagnose memory issues and track-down the relevant object references.

OzCode - Professional Edition Features

  • Time Travel Debugging - Predict the Future In regular debugging, once a breakpoint hits, you are able to see the state of the program as it is now. You can evaluate any expression and get its value as it is when the program hits our breakpoint. While standing on any breakpoint, OzCode will run through the rest of the method and evaluate all the lines of code in the future. You will be able to see the result of the prediction with a Heads-up-display (HUD...

Dernières nouvelles

OzCode - Professional Edition v4
OzCode - Professional Edition v4
Améliorez votre débogage C# ! Divisez par deux la durée de débogage. Codez plus. Codez mieux.
OzCode v3.1
OzCode v3.1
Inclut le débogage LINQ amélioré, la prise en charge d'IQueryables et des outils améliorés pour visualiser chaque requête LINQ.
OzCode v3.0
OzCode v3.0
Prend en charge Visual Studio 2017 et le débogage LINQ.
OzCode released
OzCode released
A visual debugging add-in for Visual Studio and C#.

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OzCode is licensed per user, per year. To continue to use the software after 1 year, you need to renew the annual license. Professional Edition: Fixed Licenses (Not Transferable - if you need...

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Compatible Containers
  • Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019.

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