ISIS Xpress ActiveX

ISIS Xpress is an alternative to Pixel Translation's PixTools/Scan. ISIS Xpress can be used as a .NET managed control or COM component. Designed for high-speed scanning of black/white, grayscale and color documents, it provides a simple method of accessing high-performance scanners.

ISIS Xpress toolkit lets you collect images from any or all of hundreds of fully tested and supported scanners. The fastest scanners made by almost every vendor (over 300 scanners) can be rapidly integrated with your application, allowing your development team to concentrate on your document processing objectives.

The Pegasus ISIS Xpress toolkit is built on EMC Captiva's PIXTools® software, developed and maintained by the team that created the ISIS standard. This brings your applications the...

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One software license is required per developers. Run-time NOT royalty free. Licensee is required to purchase one copy of the development kit(s) for each developer. Licensee is required to obtain the...

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