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Barcode Xpress supports 1D codes like Code 39 and 128, UPC, EAN, and 4-state postal codes, plus 2D barcodes including DataMatrix, QR Code, PDF417, Aztec, and more. It is designed for professional, high volume, automated software applications. Barcode Xpress locates barcodes anywhere on a page, decodes them, returns the content, and reports recognition confidence values. Barcode Xpress provides high-speed barcode reading and writing which is ideal for indexing and archiving.

Barcode Xpress lets you read and write 1D and 2D barcodes with tools for .NET, ActiveX, Java, and Java ME.

Easy Development; Higher ROI
With the Barcode Xpress toolkit, you can add top-quality, high-speed barcode recognition to your applications with just a few lines of code. The total cost of your barcode solution plummets.

Continuous Innovation
Accusoft Pegasus are constantly improving recognition accuracy and adding new barcode types. As you upgrade, your applications gain the advantages of...

Dernières nouvelles

Barcode Xpress .NET v13.0
Barcode Xpress .NET v13.0
Prend en charge les codes à barres MicroPDF417 et Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.
Barcode Xpress .NET v12.2
Barcode Xpress .NET v12.2
Prend en charge les codes-barres UPU S18 4-State et Royal Post 4-State, et apporte des améliorations à la précision de lecture.
Barcode Xpress Professional .NET v12.1
Barcode Xpress Professional .NET v12.1
Améliore la précision et les performances des codes-barres Code 39, Code 93, PDF417 et Code 128.
Barcode Xpress Professional .NET v12.0
Barcode Xpress Professional .NET v12.0
Accuracy and performance improvements in Code 128, Code 93, DataMatrix, QR Code, GS1.

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One software runtime license is required per CPU. The distributed Run-time is NOT royalty free. 'Client' and 'Server' are general industry terms that might be interpreted in different ways. Pegasus...

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