À propos de ISIS Xpress

Kit de développement logiciel (SDK) de numérisation ISIS à haute vitesse

ISIS Xpress allows you to easily build a custom user interface for controlling ISIS scanners. ISIS Xpress is available as a .NET or ActiveX SDK amd enables complete control over your scanners, including advanced features like multi-streaming. Designed for high-speed scanning of black/white, grayscale and color documents, it provides a simple method of accessing high-performance scanners. Access and control high-performance scanners from Canon, Agfa, BancTec, Bell & Howell, Epson, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Inotec, Kodak, Microtek, Minolta, Panasonic, Ricoh, Sharp, Umax, and others.

ISIS Xpress .NET lets you access high-performance document scanner features - Build custom scanner interfaces
ISIS Xpress is a powerful, complete, and low-cost software development kit (SDK) used to control high-speed ISIS scanners. ISIS Xpress .NET is designed for high-speed scanning of black/white, grayscale and color documents, it supports simultaneous image capture (multi-streaming), and provides access to ISIS scanner features.

New Features in Version 4

  • Updated support of all high-speed ISIS®-driven scanners to the Version 8 of the EMC Corporation's ISIS® PixTools® library.

Additional Classes, Methods & Properties

  • GetConnectedDriversAndScannerModels - This class implements scanner and driver methods and properties for listing all connected scanners.
  • Select - Now has an optional parameter to have a modal dialog.
  • SelectConnected - Shows a dialog box for only connected scanners, with an optional parameter for a modal dialog.
  • DriverDirectory - Controls the location of the ISIS driver files.
  • DriverDirectoryDefault - The default location of the ISIS driver files.

Primary Features Include

Scanner Support

  • Provides complete control over all high-speed ISIS®-driven scanners that EMC Corporation's ISIS PixTools supports.
  • Scan directly to memory.
  • Resolution can range from 50 dots-per-inch (dpi) to 2400 dpi or more depending on scanner capability.
  • Automatic feeder, printer/endorsers, and transparency units are supported.
  • Interfaces with SCSI, USB, serial port, video, parallel port, GPIB, and proprietary interfaces.
  • Access performance scanners from Canon, Agfa, BancTec, Bell & Howell, Epson, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Inotec, Kodak, Microtek, Minolta, Panasonic, Ricoh, Sharp, and Umax.

Compression & File Formats

  • Compress to standard document image file formats:
    • TIFF (Raw, Packbits, Binary CCITT Group 3, Binary CCITT Group 3 Modified, Binary CCITT Group 4)
    • Color and grayscale JPEG (24-bit sequential and 8-bit gray sequential).
    • DCX
  • For .NET, output to:
    • Bitmap
    • HBitmap
    • HDIB
  • Add on ImagXpress for decompression, conversion, or display of the file formats listed above plus support for many additional file formats.
  • Add on PDF Xpress for PDF support.

Advanced Tags
The component supports Advanced Tags, which offers developers great flexibility in utilizing scanner specific features. These are scanner processing instructions which are provided as parameters passed as tag values to the control, and consequently passed directly through to the scanner. Assuming the correct tags are passed to the scanner, they will instruct the scanner what actions to take.

Multi-Streaming Support

  • Take full advantage of scanners supporting MultiStream technology with Duplex or Multi-Streaming:
    • Duplex - Scans both front and back simultaneously.
    • MultiStreaming - Scans two images from the same side.
    • Combine both by using duplex with multi-streaming and capture four images with two on the front and two from the back.
  • Scanning modes could include full-color, black-and-white, grayscale, binary or RGB color dropout.

Image Viewing, Annotation, & Printing
Add on ImagXpress for image viewing, thumbnail image support, document image processing and editing, TWAIN scanning, annotation, printing and more.

Bitonal Image Cleanup
Add on ScanFix Xpress for advanced bitonal image cleanup technology such as dot shading removal, line removal, character smoothing, inverse text correction, hole punch removal, deskew, despeckle, rotate, mirror, flip and more.

Additional Accusoft Pegasus Components
Additional components are available for purchase separately, and integrate easily to provide a comprehensive imaging solution:

  • PDF Xpress – PDF creation, viewing, and annotating
  • Barcode Xpress – recognize barcodes
  • ScanFix Xpress – advanced image cleanup
  • FormFix – form ID, dropout, and OMR
  • SmartZone ICR / OCR – character recognition
  • ImageGear for .NET - Fully managed code to create cutting edge imaging applications
  • ImageGear for Silverlight - Comprehensive SDK for building Web imaging applications
  • ImageGear for .NET Compact Framework - Create reliable and secure imaging applications for mobile devices 

ISIS® is a registered trademark of EMC Corporation.