SQL Toolbelt - Includes SQL Change Automation v4.1

Released: Jan 6, 2020

Mises à jour de SQL Change Automation v4.1

Updates in SQL Change Automation 4.1

New Features

  • SQL Change Automation in SSMS now supports configuring and generating migrations for static data.
  • Added support for SQL Compare option IgnoreDynamicDataMasking via configuration SyncOptionIgnoreDynamicDataMasking in project file.
  • Added the ability to use a SQL Source Control project as a development source. SQL Change Automation will compare the contents of your SQL Change Automation project against the SQL Source Control project in order to generate new migration scripts.
  • Can now raise an error during build for unnamed primary key constraints in addition to existing unnamed constraint scenarios to produce deterministic comparison behavior.
  • Creating a new database is no longer an option when setting up a baseline.
  • Added the ability to specify which columns in static data tables should be tracked.
  • Redesigned connection dialog.
  • The default operation timeout is now increased to 5 minutes.
  • Updated SQL Compare Engine to
  • Added support for SQL Compare option OnlineIndexBuild.


  • SCA-2654: You can now generate migrations with over 1000 changes and baseline from databases with more than 1000 programmable objects.
  • Fix for some circumstances where the out of process component of SQL Change Automation in SSMS could not be communicated with without running SSMS as an administrator due to permissions with certificates.
  • The out of process component of SQL Change Automation will now attempt to re-create its certificate if it could not be read.
  • Fixed a performance issue on the static data page when repeatedly opening and closing the add tables panel.
  • SCA-2656 - Apply action no longer executes baseline scripts against a populated development database.
  • SCA-2653 - The default Filter.scpf filter file now gets picked up immediately if added to the project root, if no custom filter file is specified.
  • SCA-2667 - The baseline script now includes partition schemas and functions when the SyncOptionIgnoreDataspaces is turned off.
  • SCA-2655 - The generate migrations page is now responsive when there are large amounts of changes.
  • Refresh no longer fails with an error if a baseline script is generated and then deleted - this validation will still produce an error on verify.