À propos de RemObjects Suite Subscription for All Platforms

Restez à jour avec tous les produits RemObjects pour toutes les plates-formes.

RemObjects Suite Subscription offers a convenient and cost effective way to stay up-to-date with all RemObjects products. It grants you access to all current and upcoming products, without ever having to worry about missing out on important updates or new products. As new products for your platform get added, you will receive them automatically - including early beta access - without any action required. It includes: Oxygene, RemObjects C#, RemObjects Silver (Swift), RemObjects “Iodine” (Java Language), RemObjects Go, RemObjects Mercury (VB Language), Data Abstract, Remoting SDK, Hydra, Fire and Water.

RemObjects Suite Subscription for .NET Included Products

  • Oxygene (Object Pascal) - Oxygene lets you create applications and projects for all of today's major platforms - with one IDE and one great programming language. Oxygene is built on the foundation of Object Pascal, revamped and extended to be a modern language for the twenty-first century.
  • RemObjects C# - RemObjects C# lets you target all platforms truly natively. You work directly with each platform's native APIs and frameworks, using the platform's native UI widgets. No unnecessary abstractions, and no lowest-common-denominator UI. Includes the regular .NET Framework, as well as Mono, .NET Core, ASP.NET, WinRT and Universal Windows Projects).
  • RemObjects Silver (Swift) - Silver is an implementation of Apple's Swift programming language. With Silver, you can use Swift to write code directly against a wide range of development targets, from .NET over Java and Android to, of course, Cocoa. And you can also share a lot of non-UI code between platforms.
  • RemObjects “Iodine” (Java Language) - Iodine brings the Java Language to new platforms. With Iodine you can use your existing knowledge of the Java programming language to write code for .NET.
  • RemObjects Go (Go Language) - RemObjects Go brings Google's Go Language across platforms with language support. You can use Go to write code directly against a wide range of development targets, from .NET.
  • RemObjects Mercury (VB Language) (Beta) - Mercury, currently in Beta, is an implementation of the BASIC programming language that is intended to be fully code-compatible with Microsoft Visual Basic.NET.
  • Data Abstract - Data Abstract uses a multi-tier approach to data access, making data access easy, fast and secure for the modern online world.
  • Remoting SDK - Most apps no longer live in isolation - they need to communicate with a server component, or "the cloud" - to get updated data, exchange information between users of the app, or the like. Remoting SDK is a suite of libraries that lets you build this communication into your apps, easily.
  • Hydra for .NET, Delphi, Island and Java - Hydra is an application framework that allows developers to create modular applications that can mix managed and unmanaged code in the same project, creating a seamless user experience while combining the best technologies available from either platform.
  • Fire for Mac - Fire is a development environment specifically designed for Mac.
  • Water for Windows - Water is a development environment for Windows.