À propos de SAPIEN DevOps Suite

Améliorez votre productivité avec cet ensemble d’outils de développement.

SAPIEN DevOps Suite offers current versions of all SAPIEN Technologies desktop software tools; PrimalScript, PowerShell Studio, VersionRecall, PrimalSQL, PrimalXML, PowerShell HelpWriter, WMI Explorer, and PowerShell ModuleManager.

The SAPIEN DevOps Suite includes the following products:

PrimalScript - Universal Scripting IDE for all your administrative and web-development tasks.
Supporting over 50 languages with syntax coloring, brace matching, code folding and a large number of enhanced features, this editor has everything you need.

As a system, database or network administrator, Web developer or end-user developer, you need to work with multiple technologies, languages and file formats at the same time. PrimalScript’s ribbon-based user interface has been carefully designed to provide virtually all functions you use every day on the home tab. Create script templates based on your requirements and business needs, to accelerate your ability to deliver solutions faster. PrimalScript’s script packager offers advanced options and platform selections to deliver solutions targeted at specific environments. You can restrict packages by domain, machine, user, platform and MAC address to avoid unauthorized script execution. Code signing, platform independent start-up code, Run-As, elevation and many more options are at your disposal.

PowerShell Studio - Premier editor and tool-making environment for Windows PowerShell.
Features a robust editor with syntax coloring, reference highlighting, bookmarking, code formatting, and code completion. Create, edit and manage code snippets. Script with cmdlets from remote modules.

PowerShell Studio is a premier editor and tool-making environment for Windows PowerShell. This single tool will meet all your scripting needs. Work the way you want with PowerShell. Create graphical tools using Windows PowerShell with the easy to use GUI designer. Eliminate the need to manually write hundreds of lines of code. Utilize PowerShell Studio’s templates and pre-wired controls to create advanced GUIs in no time. Create Windows PowerShell script modules in minutes with PowerShell Studio. Easily convert your existing functions to a distributable module. PowerShell Studio features a robust editor with syntax coloring, reference highlighting, bookmarking, code formatting, and code completion. Create, edit and manage code snippets to enhance your script development. The script packager offers advanced option and platform selections to deliver solutions targeted at specific environments. You can restrict packages by domain, machine, user, platform and MAC address to avoid unauthorized script execution. Create MSI installers to distribute your scripts, executables and modules. Use custom actions to handle special instances such as open files after install.

VersionRecall - One of the simplest ways to manage multiple versions of files on your computer.
The VersionRecall Explorer application is full of functionality, but sometimes you just need it super simple and easy. With VersionRecall's Windows Explorer integration you can submit a version of your file with just a few mouse clicks.

The simple and quick setup lets you select a folder that VersionRecall will manage as well as a “backup location” where your previous versions will be stored (usually on an external drive or network drive.) From that point on, work as you usually do, saving the file locally, and when you are ready, simply submit the file using VersionRecall Explorer or Windows Explorer integration. Or, setup VersionRecall for automatic submission at a predetermined time.

PowerShell HelpWriter - A professionally designed environment for writing and editing Windows PowerShell help files.
Features a dynamic editor that guides you through the process of writing complete and accurate help topics for all of your commands.

PowerShell HelpWriter is a premier editor for Windows PowerShell XML help files. Create and edit help files for all command types, including cmdlets, functions, workflows, and CIM commands. Focus on your content and let PowerShell HelpWriter worry about the XML. PowerShell HelpWriter analyzes your module and generates starter help files that match the cmdlet code and converts existing comment-based help. Exports your PowerShell help to HTML or markdown at the press of a button. Write help for a module before the code is written as a code specification. Once the help is written, use PowerShell Studio’s New Module from Help File feature to automatically generate the module’s code.

PowerShell ModuleManager - An essential tool for centrally managing all PowerShell modules installed on your machine.
Search and filter through modules you currently have installed. Sort through modules by Status, Name, Author, or Description.

Whether you are a PowerShell beginner or expert, PowerShell modules are an important resource for your script development. PowerShell ModuleManager makes it easy to search and manage modules installed on your machine, ensuring that your modules are always up-to-date. Find yourself in module version hell - PowerShell ModuleManager prevents version confusion by removing duplicates and outdated versions for modules. Search the PowerShell Gallery or any custom repository. You can download the latest version of a module or pick a specific version.

WMI Explorer - Get a handle on WMI classes and their properties and methods.
A next generation tool for exploring the vast universe of the Windows Management Instrumentation database.

The WMI database represents an extensive repository of information about your servers and client machines which, as a system or network administrator, you need to utilize every day. Use WMI Explorer’s Windows PowerShell code generating abilities to create code for queries or even a GUI app with just a few clicks. Remote WMI database structure information is cached locally, so there is no delay when navigating to the WMI class and property you need to access. The data is, of course, queried directly from the remote computer. WMI Explorer’s search and filter abilities will allow you to find what you need quickly and easily. Live PowerShell links in the documentation for WMI classes and properties enable you to run a sample query with a single click.

PrimalSQL - Makes database query development and testing a snap, regardless of your database type or vendor.
Connect to any database: from Microsoft SQL Server, to Oracle, to Microsoft Access, or even to Microsoft Excel.

PrimalSQL can be used to build rich and complex queries. From within the application, you can test and refine queries, export results, or generate code snippets in a variety of languages. Its modern, streamlined interface makes PrimalSQL easy to understand and use. From simple select statements to complicated outer joins, from just checking if a connection works to editing stored procedures and live data, PrimalSQL has all the tools you need every day to create efficient SQL statements quickly and effortlessly. PrimalSQL also provides access to shared database connections with PowerShell Studio, along with the ability to export PowerShell scripts, PowerShell GUI scripts, and VBScripts. The application is useful for anyone who needs to work with databases, from a Windows administrator with modest scripting requirements to an enterprise level DBA.

PrimalXML - Provides you with the core set of functionality that you need to get your job done.
PrimalXML is chock full of the features that you need like bookmarking, find and replace, as well as copy/paste and clone of attributes.

Open any XML file and view it as text or in an element tree. Apply styleSheets to the XML data and view the results in HTML. Validate the XML against a schema. PrimalXML will automatically syntax color your XML files for you. This makes it easier to identify and differentiate elements, attributes and values at first glance. It also allows for easier editing of your XML content. It’s easy to use PrimalXML to validate your XML data files against an XML Schema file. This helps keep your XML document in conformance. With the click of a button, you can assign an XSD file to use for validity checking, and PrimalXML will output clear information about the document’s validity and any error messages.