SourceGear Vault Professional Licensing

Pour en savoir plus sur les licences SourceGear Vault Professional, contactez nos experts en licences SourceGear Corporation.

Each SourceGear Vault user must have an active user account. The total number of active user accounts must not exceed the total number of purchased licenses for your organization. A SourceGear Vault user may use his/her user account from any computer.

Maintenance provides technical support and free upgrades for one year, even across major version releases.

For any new license added to an existing SourceGear account the maintenance will be co-termed to the original expiry date.

Vault can not be exported to any business on the BIS Denied Entity List or any person on the BIS Denied Persons List.

SourceGear Vault Professional (Full License) allows access to all features of SourceGear Vault Professional. SourceGear Vault Professional (Web-Only License) allows access to the SourceGear Vault Professional server only through a Web browser. This type of license is intended for team members who do not need IDE integration and version control features.

Contrats de licence

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Avril 18, 2017