Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server Licensing

Pour en savoir plus sur les licences Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server, contactez nos experts en licences Sparx Systems.

Licensed per server, per year.
To use Pro Cloud Server after the first year you will need to purchase another Annual Subscription License.

Pro Cloud Server is hosted on your firm's Intranet, LAN or Cloud.

The Pro Cloud Server License offers a 3 month 'Proof Of Concept' license for Prolaborate. A separate Prolaborate License is needed.

Token Licenses

  • The Token based licensing approach is an affordable entry point for workgroups and small teams, you only need to purchase as many Tokens as required to suit your environment. Simply determine the number of web users that need concurrent access, plus the number of integration interfaces to enable and purchase the required number of Tokens.
  • Additional Tokens can be purchased at any time and will seamlessly increase the number of available License Tokens as your business and demand scales.
  • ONE Token can be used to enable ONE web based user (WebEA, Prolaborate or OSLC). Please Note: Prolaborate requires a separate license.
  • ONE Token can be used to enable ONE Integration Plugin (Jira, ServiceNow, etc).
  • Token allocations can be changed at any time.
  • Prioritize Token usage.
  • Monitor your token usage in real-time.
  • Share up-to 7 cloud based models with your web based users.

Please note: Enterprise Architect by Sparx Systems is required to create the models that are available on the Pro Cloud Server. It is intended that the products work together so it is advised that you purchase both products.

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