Lancements de Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server

Released: Nov 14, 2022

Mises à jour de v5.1.x

v5.1 (Build 128)

Updated Sep 26, 2023


  • Cloud Server
    • Floating License Server (FLS) - Improved efficiency of Microsoft Active Directory group lookup performance.
    • Responses for WebConfig now handle reserved HTML characters being entered in the Worker database user and password fields.
    • Improved stability with more comprehensive error detection.
    • More consistent error handling.
  • SBPI (Server Based Plug-in Interface)
    • Improved support for custom fields 'push' to external provider.
  • OSLC (Open...

Released: Apr 21, 2022

Mises à jour de v5.0.x

5.0 (Build 105)

Updated Jun 9, 2022


  • Cloud Server
    • Improved the export/import of soap port information.
    • Improved handling of Worker connections to models on https ports.
    • Enhanced logging of Worker.
    • Added the ability to use system proxy setting for requests to OpenID provider.
  • Integration Plugins - Server Based Plugin Interface (SBPI)
    • Added new Integration to Jama.
    • Improved loading time of Comments tab in Inspector window.
  • Worker
    • Included build 1605.


  • Cloud Server
    • Avoid contacting...

Released: Aug 27, 2020

Mises à jour de v4.2.x

4.2 (Build 66)

Updated Nov 5, 2021


  • Cloud Server
    • You can now XML Encode the Server Password in 'getallserversettings'.
    • Improved logging with the inclusion of ThreadIDs to connection related messages.
    • Soap ports are now restarted (in event of an error) with the defined port number.
    • Improved basic login for secure connections.
    • DBAlias values are now automatically trimmed of leading and trailing spaces.
  • OSLC
    • Response XML for /login/ call now includes User/Model Default Diagram GUID.
  • WebEA...

Released: Dec 10, 2019

Mises à jour de v4.1.x

4.1 (Build 44)

Updated Mar 25, 2020


  • Cloud Server
    • Improved SBPI logging, particularly when using the unlicensed version.
    • Floating License Server now available in editions (including unlicensed).
  • SBPI
    • Added proxy support to CustomService.
  • OSLC
    • A valid license is now required to access OSLC Requirements Management.
  • WebEA
    • Browser and Package List views now include the Object Classifier name where appropriate.
    • Login screen now shows the List of models as they are defined in the configuration...

Released: Aug 27, 2019

Mises à jour de v4.0 (Build 34)


  • Cloud Server
    • Adds support for creating Resources/Resource Features in a Model that has 'Require User Lock to Edit' enabled.
  • WebEA
    • Element Properties now display 'Files' information.
    • Improves the positioning of main view icon and hamburger menu.
    • Improves the expanding of discussion replies using the expand/collapse icon.
    • Improved Element hamburger menu for Internet Explorer.
    • Selecting a list item in the Properties Main View (e.g. a Change) now scrolls the item's details into view...

Released: Jul 25, 2019

Mises à jour de 4


  • Unified Product Range and Licensing - A new approach to licensing now sees the Pro Cloud Server as the perfect enabler for a broad range of Enterprise Architect teams.
  • New Web Based PCS Configuration - Configuration of the Pro Cloud Server and WebEA is now easier than ever.
  • Prolaborate v3.2 - Prolaborate - Graphs and Dashboards to Support Architecture analysis.
  • WebEA Favorites - You can now opt to have WebEA use the Favorites packages defined in the model. When enabled, WebEA...

Released: Feb 28, 2019

Mises à jour de v3.0 (Build 25)

Updates in v3.0 (Build 25)

  • OSLC - Added support for updating Resources/Resource Features in the Model that has 'Require User Lock to Edit' enabled.

Released: May 25, 2017

Updates in this release

Updates in May 2017

Sparx Systems, developer of the award winning visual modeling and lifecycle development platform Enterprise Architect, has announced the release of its new Pro Cloud Server, WebEA and OSLC based RESTful API, which together enable Enterprise Architect repositories to be hosted in the Cloud or on a Corporate Intranet, providing instant optimized web based access from browsers, mobile devices, Enterprise Architect and other network based devices.

The launch of the Pro Cloud...