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rdguptaIA, USA5 étoile
I had a chance to play with the Syncfusions XLsIO components for my reporting export needs. There are a bunch of controls and features which helps make the UI really appealing. The controls are easy... Lire la suite

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rdguptaIA, USA5 étoile
I had a chance to play with the Syncfusions XLsIO components for my reporting export needs. There are a bunch of controls and features which helps make the UI really appealing. The controls are easy to work with and render perfectly. Also, the support service is top notch and was able to accommodate my questions in a timely and professional manner. I would recommend any Syncfusion product to anyone who is looking to work with amazingly and simple controls for his project.
knrocOR, USA5 étoile
I had a requirement to create a web-based application that would create two pivot tables. The data source was SQL Server and the user had to be able to filter the data before populating the workbook. The XlsIO solution was both elegant and simple. I used XlsIO to open my existing workbook (which contained the pivot tables), populated a sheet with the desired data, reset the data source range of the pivot tables to use the new data and saved the new workbook for the user to download. I had never used XlsIO before, yet by looking at a couple samples, their online documentation and some posts in their support website I was able to complete the project in a few hours instead of the couple weeks that I had thought it would take. I did run into one problem - one of the argument types to a function didn't match the documentation - it wanted an int[] instead of an int. The routine still worked by setting x[0] to the value I needed - I figured that it must have been an oversight so I submitted a bug report. The support experience was really top quality. Syncfusion communicated at every step of the process. A support tech told me that he had received the report and was looking at it and gave me a date by which he would tell me if he could reproduce it. That date was met and he then told me that the bug had been forwarded to the devs and gave a date that it would be fixed. That date was also met and I was given a link so I could download the fix. The great thing was that the fix wasn't just a dll - it was wrapped in an installer that updated the proper files and also put them in the GAC. After a few days, the support tech emailed me to verify that the fix had actually solved my problem. The communication and attention I received made me feel like Syncfusion cared about me as a customer and that they take great pride in their products.
michaeljprinceTX, USA5 étoile
I've been using Syncfusion Essential XlsIO for over 7 years now. I recently started a new project and needed to be able to import data from differently formatted Excel documents. XlsIO has a great method to return the contents of an Excel sheet as a DataTable. I ended up having a problem opening up a .xlsx version of an Excel spreadsheet. I posted my problem to Syncfusion support and within hours Sridhar replied back with a simple solution for me. I have nothing but good to say for Syncfusion and their product Essential XlsIO. We also use their GridGrouping control and are very happy with it.
KjellSweden5 étoile
Our previous excel solution was feature incomplete - the reports that were generated by the excel export engine did not look anything like the reports we produced on the web. After switching to XlsIO we can produce excel reports that are nearly identical to the ones we produce on the web. Also, when we ran into a bug close to a release, the SyncFusion support responded quickly and delivered a hotfix within a few days, allowing us to release on schedule. I can really recommend this product and the company behind it.
shcherbIsrael4 étoile
We are using Syncfusion GridGrouping, Grid controls, DockingManager and a couple of other controls. All these have a rich functionality and are very flexible due to their elegant design. As for the support, I need to mention that we are using old 4.x version (while the current version is 9.x)., so the support team often forced to merge fixes from latest versions back to this old one. But even in these, pretty unusual conditions, we are still getting very valuable help from Syncfusion!
Tukaram.ThatikondaNJ, USA5 étoile
Initially when we started, we were looking for a 3rd party product that can produce rich excel reports programmatically. Essential XlsIo from Syncfusion was one of the product that we evaluated. The product didn't let us down and I would definitely recommend this product since it was easy to use, good feature list and the sample provided was a good starting point. Syncfusion should come up with some good documentation and sample example code but the support team was excellent. Response and followup was great! Thank you Syncfusion for your hard work. Long way to go!!
jwilcoxAZ, USA5 étoile
I have been using Syncfusion XlsIO for just over 3 years and am very happy with its performance, scalability and sheer number of features. I used to use Excel.Application via com-interop in .Net and suffered many issues over time so I needed a solution that would give me better reliability and ideally better performance. XlsIO delivered! The documentation is very good and the software gets regular updates throughout the year. From time to time I have a need to contact product support to either report an issue or ask a 'how-to' question. I find the web-based support easy to use and the response time is pretty good. I have sometimes been given patches to fix an issue without having to wait for the next release which I appreciate.
anton.yakushinMA, USA5 étoile
This is by far the very best component for dynamic Excel Spreadsheet generation on the market. Our company has tried several alternatives, but nothing compares to the ease of use and performance of XlsIO. For programmers, usability is similar to using the Office11-Office14 references in VB and C#.NET programming, except SyncFusion has found a way to make it even more intuitive and faster to work with. In fact, some functionalities are easier to do with SyncFusion's XlsIO than VBA in Excel, and the fact that they support all formats 2000-2010 was extremely helpful to our clients. The XlsIO code is ready-to-go for generating virually any file and sending it right into the reponse stream! SyncFusion's tech team even helped walk me through getting everything set up, and were very friendly and helpful. 5 stars!
WilliamSouth Africa5 étoile
We've been using this for our Excel file processing for the past couple of years now. If we're not importing massive data sets from Excel files, we're exporting to custom specialised reports. The main factor for us is performance, especially since we work with large files and do a lot of processing in the files while generating... and XlsIO works faster than any of the other tools I've tested. I'm using a very popular grid control from another party and wrote an export to Excel extension function for the grid using XlsIO and it works at least 3 times faster than the grid's internal SaveExcel function. They're also up to date with the latest file formats as Excel versions get released and upgrades are available 4 times a year. Had a couple of small issues before, but the issues were fixed in a couple days and a patch was supplied to me.
jpcoutinhoPortugal5 étoile
I am using syncfusion products for a couple of years and i am completly satisfied not only with the product but also with the support that realy gives me the oportunity the send feedback and feel that someone is listening and ready to attend my needs. The DoXlsIO is a great product and is going to be even better in the future... this is realy my feeling. Thanks and keep going From Portugal - JPCoutinho