Lancements de TestCafe Studio

Released: Jan 30, 2020

Mises à jour de 1.2.2


  • Electron Version Updated - TestCafe Studio now uses Electron v7.1.2. This version provides stability and performance enhancements.
  • Linux 32-bit Support Discontinued - Recent Electron versions (v4 and newer) dropped support for the Linux 32-bit platform. Therefore, TestCafe Studio is no longer shipped for Linux 32-bit starting with v1.2.2.
  • macOS Application Notarized - The TestCafe Studio application for macOS passed through Apple notarization. This fixes compatibility issues with...

Released: Nov 26, 2019

Mises à jour de 1.2.1


  • Remove the Selected Test Actions - The Remove actions button in the Test Editor toolbar now removes selected actions only. To remove all actions, use Cmd/Ctrl+A and click Remove actions.
  • Copy/Paste Behavior Enhancement - In the Explorer panel, you can now press Cmd/Ctrl+V when a test or hook is selected to paste the copied test/hook in the same fixture. Alternatively, you can select Paste from a test's context menu.


  • Fixed a bug when TestCafe Studio could not start on...

Released: Nov 6, 2019

Mises à jour de 1.2.0


  • Copy test actions.
  • Corrupted screenshots in the exported report archive.
  • In Firefox only, when uploading file, the File Upload system dialog stays open.
  • Input with type="image" is not displayed in iframe.
  • TestCafe Studio crashes with segfault on Linux.
  • The "Cannot read property 'width' of undefined" error occurs on the "Zoom" click.

Released: Aug 29, 2019

Mises à jour de 1.1.0


  • Characters are duplicated when TestCafe Studio records the Type Text action for numeric inputs.
  • Inconsistent behavior in 'Not Deep Equal' assertions with an empty 'Expected Value' field.
  • Test and fixture metadata is not passed to the reportTestDone method.
  • TestCafe Studio cannot run tests from remote locations like a NAS or network shared folder.
  • TestCafe Studio crashes when you add a selector method and then open the 'Verified Property' drop-down list.
  • UNKNOWN_ERROR appears on an...