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InstallShield 2012 Spring released

New version supports Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and Visual Studio 11 Beta.
Maggio 10, 2012 - 0:00
Nuova Funzionalità

InstallShield allows you to create flexible installations quickly and easily across all Windows operating systems. First-time developers find it easy to create installations, while power users find its depth and flexibility perfect for developing complex software installations. InstallShield makes it easy for development teams to be more agile, flexible and collaborative when building reliable Windows Installer (MSI) and InstallScript installations for desktop, server, Web and mobile applications.

The following editions are available:

Updates in 2012 Spring

  • Suite Installation Enhancements (Premier) - Import and reference PRQ files, dynamic links, advanced reporting and logging as well as a new UI for custom conditions
  • Hybrid Cloud Deployments (Premier and Professional) - New SQL Azure database scripting capabilities enable software producers to support hybrid cloud SQL deployments
  • Better End-User Experience (Premier and Professional) - Includes an entirely new end-user interface with redesigned wizard pages and a new page editor to create a better run-time experience
  • Automatic Checking for Installer Updates and Patches (Premier and Professional) - Check for the latest updates and patches at installer runtime. If an update is found, it will automatically be downloaded and run in place of the old installer ensuring that users always have the latest version.
  • Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Support (Premier and Professional) - Gather accurate deployment metadata to populate App Models
  • PowerShell Support (Premier and Professional) - Including support for custom actions that run PowerShell scripts
  • Support for Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 and Visual Studio 11 (Premier, Professional and Express) - Build feature and component conditions for these operating systems and applications

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Using the Installation Designer in InstallShield Premier.

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