Madcap Lingo V10 released

Adds batch and multi-language image replacement.
Giugno 3, 2016
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MadCap Lingo is a translation management solution designed to assist technical writers, documentation specialists and professional translators in the translation and localization process. Improve translation efficiency with a streamlined workflow using built-in Translation Memory technology, detailed reporting capabilities, alignment and termbases.

Updates in V10

  • New Integration with MadCap Flare 12 Streamlines Translation Workflows - The all-new multilingual publishing feature in Flare allows for multiple languages to be published in a single output for both print and online content. Added integration includes:
    • Project Linking and Sync - MadCap Lingo projects are now easily linked within Flare; a sync option performs a diff against the source Flare project.
    • Index Keyword and Glossary Term Sort Orders - Set an alphabetical sort order to indexes and glossaries, particularly useful when a keyword begins with a symbol or if you are using character sets that should be sorted phonetically.
    • Font Mapping - Ensure suitable font usage by mapping source project fonts to supported fonts in your target languages.
    • Language Skins - Used for online outputs, the language skin is used to display the interface in a specific language and control some text-based items such as cross-reference links.
  • Multiple DITA Enhancements Give Authors Greater Control of What Content Requires Translation - The DITA translation capabilities have been further expanded and improved to provide a more efficient translation workflow.
    • Content Reference Support - Similar to how snippets in Flare projects are resolved, content references can be flattened to text to make the translation of content easier.
    • Dynamic Attribute Filtering - Create bundles, or identify only certain strings of content for translation based on an attribute, such as product, platform or audience.
    • DITA Element Types - Support for additional DITA element types, including: <alt>, <glossdef>, <indexterm>, <author>, <glossterm>, <mainbooktitle>, <desc>, <ph conref>, <publisher>, <xref> and <related-links conref>.
  • Dynamic Condition and Target Filtering Identifies Content Requiring Translation Quickly and Easily - Now sort and filter content in projects using condition tags (content conditioned for German) or targets for specific output type. Content can be selected and filtered at project creation or at any time while working in the project.
  • Improved Translations with Snippet and Variable Flattening - The flattening of text elements such as snippets (chunks of content) and variables (such company name, date or product version) allows for cleaner source language translations.
  • Integrated Source Control Support, including Subversion, Git, Team Foundation Server and Perforce - In addition to native support for all source control applications, MadCap Lingo provides integrated support for the following source control applications:
  • Batch and Multi-Language Image Replacement - Replace images within a project, or create a batch to replace multiple images at once, without needing to retranslate their callouts.
  • New File Support, including Support for Unrecognized File Types - Added file support for the latest version or Word, Excel and FrameMaker®. Plus import any unknown file type as a text file, ideal for uncommon or custom file extensions.
  • Redesigned Translation Statistics and Quality Assurance Reports - All-new reports make it easy to review translation statistics. Expanded QA reports provide additional insight into project quality such as formatting inaccuracies, repeated segments, or termbase errors.
  • New Table of Contents View Pane - A table of contents (TOC) view pane makes it easier to find specific information within a project.
  • More New Features and Enhancements
    • 64-Bit Support.
    • New Project Wizard.
    • Smart Quotes Support.
    • Translation Editor Enhancements.
    • Dictionary and Spell Check Enhancements.
    • Export Project Enhancements.
    • New Project Properties Dialog.

About MadCap Software

Founded in early 2005, MadCap Software is a trusted resource for authoring and publishing solutions, including multimedia and translation management. Their products are used to create corporate intranets, online Help systems, manuals, video tutorials, knowledge bases, ebooks and user guides. They are based in San Diego, California.

Batch image replacement in Madcap Lingo.

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