Highcharts Core v11.0.0

Aggiunge nuovi tipi di treegraph e pictorial series.
Aprile 26, 2023
Nuova versione


  • Improved the design with a clearer, more vivid palette, added contrast for text labels and many minor visual changes.
  • Added new treegraph and pictorial series types.
  • Removed support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and older.
  • Changed the default builds to ECMAScript version ES2016.
  • Replaced SASS files for styledMode with updated CSS files. Highcharts theming is now easier by supporting CSS variables as well as prefers-color-scheme.
  • Sonification module v2 with many new features for audio charts is now part of the official API.
  • Changed default rotationMode to circular for sunburst data labels.
  • Added minorTicksPerMajor option for axes.
  • Added the point.percentage property for gauge charts.
  • Added ResizeObserver to the chart so it could adjust reflow on container size change.
Pictorial series

Highcharts Core

Visualizzazione di dati, grafici e diagrammi per pagine Web e applicazioni Web.

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