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Highcharts is the industry-leading JavaScript charting library. Highcharts is used by tens of thousands of developers and over 80% out of the world's 100 largest companies. Highcharts is an SVG-based, multi-platform charting library that has been actively developed since 2009. It makes it easy to add interactive, mobile-optimized charts to your web pages and mobile projects. It features robust documentation, advanced responsiveness, and industry-leading accessibility support.

Highcharts is brilliant and the API and chart demos meant I could get up and running very, very quickly.

Donal Phipps, Digital Analyst at GE Healthcare

Highcharts Features:

All the charting libraries work with any back-end database or server stack.

Wrappers, Frameworks, and Add-Ons
Highcharts offers wrappers for the most popular languages, such as .NET, PHP, Python, R, and Java, and iOS, which are available from Highcharts or their community. Highcharts also supports the most popular frameworks such as React, Angular, VueJS, and more.

Responsive across devices
Default responsiveness goes beyond fitting the chart to the...

Ultime Notizie

Highcharts JS v10.3.2
Highcharts JS v10.3.2
Effettua il refactoring e semplifica la logica di inversione dei gruppi di serie.
Highcharts v10.3.1
Highcharts v10.3.1
Aggiunge il supporto per lo zoom sui grafici polari e migliora la formattazione HTML sulle etichette delle serie.
Highcharts JS v10.2.1
Highcharts JS v10.2.1
Migliora le opzioni di zoom e aggiunge nuovi tipi per le serie personalizzate.
Highcharts JS v10.2.0
Highcharts JS v10.2.0
Aggiunge l'opzione che permette di ordinare le tabelle dati dei grafici facendo clic sulle intestazioni di colonna.
Highcharts JS v10.1.0
Highcharts JS v10.1.0
La nuova proprietà del grafico impedisce la mutazione dei dati durante l'aggiornamento di serie o punti.
Highcharts JS v10.0.0
Highcharts JS v10.0.0
Aggiunge una nuova serie di diagrammi ad arco che visualizza la relazione tra i nodi del set di dati.

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One software license is required per developer. Any and all developers working with the software will need a license. Highcharts has several license options: (Examples of what license you may require...

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