Highcharts for Python

Highcharts for Python is a collection of Python libraries that gives you access to all the rich features of Highcharts Core (formerly Highcharts JS), Highcharts Stock, Highcharts Maps and Highcharts Gantt via a simple, Pythonic API. Produce spectacular charts in no time thanks to simple syntax, intuitive function names, and direct integration with data tools like Pandas and Jupyter Notebooks. Highcharts for Python integrates with the most popular components of the Python data science ecosystem. Every Highcharts visualization can be constructed from a Pandas or PySpark DataFrame with one method call, and then rendered in Jupyter Labs/Notebooks using another method call.

Comprehensive Highcharts Support
Highcharts for Python, provides the full set of rich options, customizations, and interactivity provided by the Highcharts JavaScript libraries. Eliminating the need for "piecing together" partial solutions from unmaintained community libraries. Using a simple Pythonic API, the toolkit makes tapping into Highcharts features fast and simple - "batteries included" with full support for rich callback and formatter functions, SVG extensions, and more.

Simple and...

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Highcharts for Python v1.3
Highcharts for Python v1.3
August 10, 2023Nuova versione
Include dei miglioramenti per aumentare le prestazioni e ridurre le dimensioni dei dati serializzati.
Highcharts for Python v1.2.0
Highcharts for Python v1.2.0
June 9, 2023Nuova versione
Allinea l'API con Highcharts Core v11.1, migliorando l'accessibilità, le opzioni di serie e il supporto per la descrizione comando.
Highcharts Core v11.0.0
Highcharts Core v11.0.0
April 26, 2023Nuova versione
Aggiunge nuovi tipi di treegraph e pictorial series.
Highcharts for Python rilasciato
Highcharts for Python rilasciato
April 13, 2023Nuovo prodotto
L'integrazione ufficiale di Python dà accesso a tutte le ricche funzionalità di Highcharts Core, Stock, Maps e Gantt.

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