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Altova MobileTogether combines easy-to-use functionality for creating elegant apps with an affordable price that includes unlimited developers, unlimited apps, and unlimited users. Your MobileTogether Server hosts your apps, providing connectivity to data sources and high performance data processing. There is no limit to the number of apps you can host on your MobileTogether Server, which you can choose to deploy on premises or in the cloud.

Altova MobileTogether Features

Cross-Platform Mobile Support

  • Native apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad)
  • Native apps for Android
  • Native apps for Windows Phone 8/10
  • Native apps Windows 8/10
  • HTML5 browser-based client for any other platform

Deployment Options

  • Instant deployment via free, universal MobileTogether apps (e.g., enterprise apps)
  • AppStore deployment of customized, native apps (e.g., consumer apps) via code generation

MobileTogether Designer: a Unique Approach to Mobile App Development

  • Best of both worlds: low-code / RMAD UI and control-flow design AND full flexibility of a functional programming language
  • Low-code / RMAD mobile development approach for fast results – develop apps in days instead of months
  • Drag-and-drop UI design
  • “Action Tree” visual programming language for control-flow, event-handlers, etc.
  • Full flexibility of XPath/XQuery as a functional programming language for data manipulation
  • XPath and XQuery expression builder and evaluator to help developers who are not familiar with those languages
  • Multi-level stylesheets for flexible style assignment to controls
  • Support for OS-specific customizations
  • Full try/catch/throw error handling and recovery

Build Apps that Include:

  • Charts and graphs
  • Tables and scrollable tables
  • Making phone calls
  • Send SMS
  • Send emails
  • Integration with user's calendars
  • Push notifications
  • Camera integration
  • User image selection from gallery and saving images to files
  • Geolocation and map functionality
  • NFC support
  • Mobile forms / enterprise forms
  • Barcode scanning
  • Signature controls
  • Audio playback
  • Audio recording
  • Video recording and playback
  • Text-to-speech
  • Pop-up windows
  • Print-to-file (Word, PDF, or RTF) from app
  • Sharing data with other apps
  • Loading/saving files on client device and on server
  • Loading/saving data in databases
  • Loading/saving data via web services
  • Processing HTML data from any public web site  
  • Customizable triggers (time, file system, HTTP) for services
  • Services (UI-less solutions that run on the Server via triggers)

Advanced Action Functions

  • Precise page timers
  • Try/Catch/Throw for error handing and recovery
  • Load/save files with filename calculated via XPath
  • On Server Connection Error
  • On Switch to Other Solution (pauses current execution)
  • OnClick vs. OnLongClick
  • DB Bulk Insert Into (insert multiple rows into database quickly)
  • DB Execute (insert, delete, update, and save data by using SQL statements)

Design Flexibility and Reusability

  • Reusable, dynamic Control Templates
  • Placeholder Controls for placing Control Templates in multiple places

XPath/XQuery Extension Functions

  • Functions for server and WiFi connectivity state
  • Functions for user/roles management
  • Functions for accessing error codes
  • Functions for detailed UI control and font measurements
  • Functions for image processing
  • Functions for geolocation processing
  • Functions for NFC processing
  • Functions for color handling
  • Functions for audio and video handling

App Testing Tools

  • Project validation and error checking
  • Built-in Simulator for all platforms and form factors
  • Ability to run simulation either locally within Designer, or with Designer connected to Server
  • Ability to edit local device data (XML tree) dynamically in Simulator to test different scenarios
  • Ability to simulate missing Server access
  • Ability to simulate WiFi availability
  • Ability to simulate LAN access
  • Ability to simulate as an AppStore App
  • Ability to provide simulated GPS location data from a file
  • Ability to simulate portrait/landscape device orientation switch
  • Simulation on developer’s client device
  • Record detailed user-actions in simulator to build test-cases
  • Playback a test-case of previously recorded user-actions for regression testing
  • Playback of test-cases on actual client devices for automated QA testing across different platforms/devices
  • Automatic snapshots of all applications states, page sources, styles, etc. on each step
  • Management view to see the results of multiple test runs
  • Detailed comparison of the results between different test runs, including differencing of data elements

Supported Data Sources

  • XML
  • JSON / JSON5
  • HTML (including sophisticated parsing/screen-scraping of existing web apps)
  • Text files
  • REST and SOAP Web services
  • All major relational databases
  • Others data sources via MapForce Server and/or FlowForce Server integration

Supported SQL Databases

  • Firebird
  • IBM DB2 for iSeries®
  • IBM DB2®
  • Informix®
  • MariaDB
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft® Azure SQL
  • Microsoft® SQL Server
  • MySQL®
  • PostgreSQL
  • Oracle®
  • Progress OpenEdge
  • SQLite
  • Sybase® ASE
  • Teradata

Relational Database Connectivity

  • Database Connection Wizard
  • Database Query Window
  • Support for dynamic SELECT statements fully generated with XPath/XQuery
  • Fully automatic saving of DB data for simple data editing apps
  • Fully-featured DB access with all SQL commands for more complex data-oriented apps

Available in Multiple Languages

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Japanese

Additional Localization Options

  • Ability to localize app for any language
  • Localization of all buttons, labels, controls, UI elements
  • Localization tables can be exported/imported to support external translation memory software
  • String table localization for dynamic loading of localized messages during control flow execution
  • Option to let end user switch languages on demand

MobileTogether Server

  • Available for Windows
  • Available for Linux
  • Available for macOS
  • Supports Services (MobileTogether Server Advanced Edition)
  • Deploy on premises
  • Deploy in cloud
  • High performance connectivity to backend data sources
  • “Keep on server” option to restrict the amount of data sent to client devices
  • Generation of graphs for display on client devices
  • Persistent data storage on client device option
  • Parallel processing of multiple solutions
  • Permission editor for managing security and authentication
  • Optional Active Directory integration
  • Integration with other Altova automation servers
  • Customizable log view
  • Ships with Statistics App with detailed server usage reports
  • Price includes unlimited apps, unlimited devices

Sophisticated Server Caching Control to Optimize Load on Backend Data Servers

  • Fine-grained caching control for each external data source
  • Ability to set specific cache expiration time for each data source
  • Ability to update cached data periodically (hourly/daily/weekly) even without a client request
  • Support for multiple cache entries depending on query parameters

Universal Client Apps for Instant Deployment

  • Free app for iOS
  • Free app for Android
  • Free app for Window Phone and Windows
  • HTML5 browser-based client for any other platform
  • Embedding solutions in web applications

Altova MobileTogether Server

  • A framework for building data-centric apps for all platforms. MobileTogether Server is the back-end hub for your mobile app and acts as a gateway between mobile users and your back-end data sources and infrastructure.

Altova MobileTogether Server Advanced Edition

  • Includes all the functionality of MobileTogether Server and provides additional features for sophisticated app development scenarios, including for managing and running services, which are solutions with no UI that run in the background according to predefined triggers.