Rilasci di Altova MobileTogether

Released: Feb 6, 2024

Aggiornamenti in 9.1


  • AI Assistant in RecordsManager - This release includes the latest version of RecordsManager, a built-in, no-code solution for building business database solutions. For instant generation of a full-featured database, RecordsManager now includes an AI Assistant that creates databases based on natural language prompts. Users can enter simple or complex prompts, and RecordsManager will use AI integration to generate the corresponding database, tables, and sample data. RecordsManager...

Released: Jan 16, 2024

Aggiornamenti in 9.0


  • MQTT support - Added support for Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) by allowing apps to join an MQTT network as a publisher, as a subscriber, or as both.
    • When creating an app with MQTT functionality, developers can record an MQTT message stream to a file, and then replay it in the MobileTogether app simulator to test and debug during development.
  • Support for table row dragging - Added the ability for end users to drag to reorder table rows. You can enable row dragging on a...

Released: Jan 25, 2023

Aggiornamenti in 8.1


Major updates for no-code development using RecordsManager

  • Major scripting extensions for configuring complex conditions visually.
  • Hierarchical user groups.

UI compatibility mode between clients

  • When a developer wants an app to look the same across all platforms, instead of using the native look-and-feel of each, it is now possible to enable this automatically using the new UI Compatibility Mode option.

Asynchronous progress update

  • Developers now have the option to display a...

Released: Jun 1, 2022

Aggiornamenti in 8.0


  • Added the option to create a no-code database app with Altova RecordsManager - Altova RecordsManager is a brand new solution for creating custom database apps in MobileTogether.
    • Starting with this release, when you open MobileTogether Designer you will have the option to create a classic MobileTogether solution, or start with Altova RecordsManager. RecordsManager has a visual interface for quickly building business database apps for desktop and mobile users.
    • One of the biggest...

Released: Jul 7, 2021

Aggiornamenti in 7.3


  • Added support for in-app purchases.
    • You can now enable in-app purchases in the native Apple iOS, Android and Microsoft Windows apps you create in MobileTogether. Support is available for both one-time purchases and subscriptions.
    • This allows you to monetize any apps you create with MobileTogether using the native App Store purchasing process on each platform.
    • In your MobileTogether design, you will define the interactions between your app and the app store to correctly transact an...

Released: Dec 15, 2020

Aggiornamenti in 7.2


  • Ability to switch themes (light/dark) in MobileTogether client - This new feature provides more flexibility for users when selecting between light and dark modes on the MobileTogether client app. They can now apply the system settings for their device or manually switch between light/dark themes.
  • New Action to add a log entry - The new Log Message Action makes it possible to log a customized message on the MobileTogether Server or client during the execution of an Action. This helps...

Released: Jul 14, 2020

Aggiornamenti in 7.0


  • All new MobileTogether Debugger.
  • Overwrite Control Template styles and actions.
  • New Action: Update Variable.
  • New scroll-to options.
  • Support for new units: dp/sp.
  • New pre-defined button styles.
  • Padding settings for table rows/columns.
  • Edit Fields - new option to trigger control actions after time interval.
  • Button image resizing to correspond to text size.
  • Page margins.
  • Localization of Services.
  • New XPath function: Chart.
  • Support for Android 10.

Released: Nov 19, 2019

Aggiornamenti in 6.0


  • Control Templates and Placeholder Controls - Control Templates and Placeholder Controls facilitate design reuse and make it easy to implement efficient, flexible options for various scenarios. A Control Template is a new design component that allows you to design and group several other controls in a way that makes this group of controls easily reusable on multiple other pages. Control Templates support parameters, and each template can be reused in different locations across...

Released: Jun 12, 2019

Aggiornamenti in 5.4


Geolocation Map Control

  • Adding to existing geolocation functionality in MobileTogether, a new Geolocation Map control lets developers display a map directly in their app. The map can display the street, satellite, or hybrid view of the specified geographic area. Points of interest in the area can be shown by different colored markers in the map.
  • Viewport, Control Width, and Control Height properties provide flexibility for controlling how the map is displayed.
  • The control has an...

Released: Feb 27, 2019

Aggiornamenti in 5.1


MobileTogether Clients

  • Support for Android 8.1 and 9.

MobileTogether Designer

  • Ability to detect links in labels and make them clickable - Developers now have an option to automatically display web page URLs and email addresses in Labels as live links. Clicking or tapping the link opens the targeted website page in a browser or a new email in the device's email app.
  • Option to restrict label height to N lines - Now, in addition to configuring a Label control to display multiple lines...