Altova MobileTogether 6.0

Released: Nov 19, 2019

Aggiornamenti in 6.0


  • Control Templates and Placeholder Controls - Control Templates and Placeholder Controls facilitate design reuse and make it easy to implement efficient, flexible options for various scenarios. A Control Template is a new design component that allows you to design and group several other controls in a way that makes this group of controls easily reusable on multiple other pages. Control Templates support parameters, and each template can be reused in different locations across various the pages and subpages of an app development project.
  • Support for light/dark modes - MobileTogether 6.0 gives app developers the ability to force light or dark mode for their apps, or detect the user’s preferred mode based on the device system settings.
  • Ability to call Action Groups via XPath - MobileTogether Action Groups define a series of actions to execute with an app. Once defined, an Action Group can be reused throughout a project. With the ability to pass Action Group names and parameters via XPath, the Action Group to be executed in a particular scenario can be determined dynamically at run time (for example, by getting the name of the Action Group to execute from a page-source node, based on the device OS, desktop vs. mobile devices, and so on), providing additional flexibility for closely customizing app behavior.
  • Parameters for Subpages - You can now pass parameters to the sub-page to control how the subpage performs in various conditions, helping to further enable efficient dynamic design. Since subpages can include all UI features, parameters essentially help the developer treat a subpage like an Action Group call with a UI.
  • Local variables in Action Groups, Subpages, Templates - Now, in addition to global variables, MobileTogether supports local variables that only exist within the scope of the current function for calculations you don’t need elsewhere. Support for local variables in Action Groups, subpages, and templates is another feature added to this release that offers advanced programming functionality to MobileTogether developers.
  • Action to execute a FlowForce job - FlowForce Server jobs can be triggered by MobileTogether apps. For instance, a FlowForce job might execute a complex data mapping that calculates real-time sales report figures, then delivers the report instantly to the MobileTogether app user in a beautiful, native-client form. Now, in addition to specifying a FlowForce job as a data source, developers can execute such jobs via Actions. This simplifies calling FlowForce, especially when passing parameters.
  • New Action: break loop - This new Action makes it easier to break a loop during execution of an action script. Previously, the Break-loop-if Action required the developer to specify conditions for breaking a loop. Now, it’s possible to break a loop immediately and proceed to the next statement following the loop.
  • New option to restart an app/solution - There is a new extension to the Solution Execution Action that allows the developer to specify when to restart a solution – for example when switching languages or databases – without requiring user intervention. For browser-based solutions, the app can either be restarted completely or a new copy can be started in a new tab.
  • Support for split-screen on Android - On devices running Android 7 or higher, apps can be shown in split screen mode, e.g., with one app running in the top half of the device screen and another in the bottom half. MobileTogether apps now support running in this manner.
  • New image buttons for Undo/Redo, Cut/Copy/Paste - App designers can add custom icons and images to any button, and MobileTogether also ships with a collection of ready-made images for the most common button operations (e.g., email, fast forward, calendar, etc.).
  • Ability to specify order of database commands (delete, update, insert) on Save - When saving data to a database, it is often important to control the order in which delete, update, and insert statements will be executed. This is now supported in MobileTogether 6.0.
  • Support for additional database versions - MobileTogether apps can connect to all popular relational databases. In this release support has been updated to include the latest versions of several, as follows:
    • SQL Server 2019
    • Access 2019
    • Oracle 18 and 19