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mchequer Stati Uniti5 stella

We needed the ability to merge PDF files and the tool that we found was Aspose.PDF. It worked like a dream merging PDF files, but then we realized how much additional functionality the tool had to... Per saperne di più

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mchequer Stati Uniti5 stella

We needed the ability to merge PDF files and the tool that we found was Aspose.PDF. It worked like a dream merging PDF files, but then we realized how much additional functionality the tool had to both resize and rotate images. We decided to replace all of our previous code with code using Aspose.PDF. It's easy to use, logistically laid out, and there is so much excellent support available.

Our code base has also become much cleaner and therefore easier to support and maintain. We highly recommend using Aspose.PDF, it really is an excellent product.

Weslly Akatuka de Oliveira cliente verificatoBrasile5 stella

Fácil de integrar ao Projeto e resolveu um problema no qual não tínhamos prazo para desenvolver por conta.

GlenStati Uniti5 stella

Aspose.PDF's .NET solution has enabled us to automate our workflow in a meaningful and unique way, and allowed us to improve on a few key performance metrics. Our use-case involves taking programmatically generated PDFs from an external API, applying changes, and returning the result to the client to sign and date. Aspose.PDF returned a result in 5-6 seconds - much faster than the other components we tried, reducing load-times for users and improving the user-experience of our application immensely.

Integrating Aspose.PDF for .NET into our existing solution couldn't have been easier. With the code samples they provided, we spent only a few hours from obtaining our 30-Day Trial to running their code on the cloud as an automated process. In addition, Aspose.PDF integrates well with other services. Although we were impressed with how quickly we were able to run this API locally, we were surprised to find that Aspose.PDF integrates with cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS with surprising ease. Aspose.PDF was the most performant solution we found for PDF manipulation. It felt like Aspose.PDF was built with a consideration for speed that was lacking in the competing solutions available on the market. Additionally, we were grateful to find that Aspose.PDF has solid documentation and an impressive level of community support, as well.

We are confident that Aspose.PDF will continue to fulfill our evolving needs as a business. 

LinkSoftAustralia5 stella

We needed a way to programmatically extract data and parse the content of PDF files. We searched, and ultimately we found that the Aspose.PDF gave the best result when it came to being able to extract data from PDFs in the cleanest format. No other library that we found, whether open source or paid, was able to match this.

After using the Aspose.PDF library for some time we came across a new PDF which was not allowing us to get access to some of the data we needed. We submitted the issue to the Aspose support team and they determined that it was due to new features which Adobe had added to PDF files. Aspose was very responsive to confirm the issue and update the library to handle this new PDF feature, allowing us to extract the PDF data as needed.

If focusing development time on your mainstream business is important to your company, and not getting distracted with sideline development issues is also important, then Aspose suite of products lets you achieve this and just makes sense!

Shawn Gustafson, Reed GroupStati Uniti5 stella

My company needed a library to enable us to programmatically modify PDF files. We found Aspose.PDF for .Net and it turned out to be exactly what we needed. It had every feature we needed including populating pre-defined form fields in a PDF file, creating form fields, adding bookmarks, encrypting / decrypting PDFs, and much more.

Aspose is also remarkably easy to use. The documentation was thorough and easy to follow, but the API was so simple and intuitive that we barely needed to consult the docs. All we had to do was reference the Aspose library in our project, and from then on, it was as easy as using a native part of the .Net framework. We figured out most of what we needed with nothing but Intellisense, but when we did need to consult the documentation, it was easy to find what we needed.

Sheldon Sud Africa5 stella

We encountered a project where we needed PDF to TIFF conversion and we then decided to use Aspose.PDF for .NET. We found that the PDF conversion was very fast, supports multi threading and quality of the output is easily controlled and set to our requirements. It was quick and easy to implement into our project and so far it has made a positive impact for us. Our experience with Aspose products so far is very positive and quality of the product is very high. We will certainly continue to source Aspose components first when needed before looking elsewhere.

Chad Stati Uniti5 stella

We have been using Aspose for our document conversion and parsing needs for over ten years. There have been several migrations and instances where we have tested alternative platforms but we continue to utilize Aspose because of the large community of support, easily available examples, and widely adopted usage of the product. We are currently using Aspose PDF and Words products to handle various conversion tasks throughout our stack. Aspose is particularly strong at delivering renderings in real time and converting to other formats quickly. Additional appreciated options are watermarking and highlighting. Overall, Aspose produces a sound product and has been a valuable partner.

Ryan WStati Uniti5 stella

I had a requirement to be able to read in a PDF document and inject rich text annotations containing priorietary information from my database. I also had the requirement to convert to/from other formats on the fly in my application and perform other manipulations to the document. I tried to use other products and they were either:

  • Very complicated to use (the next best option I found out there took me days to build something, using tons of code, and the results were never quite right).
  • Had unacceptable performance (performance was critical, the end user could not wait for minutes to get the updated document).
  • Would take me way too long to implement the functionality I needed with all the bugs and performance issues ironed out. I needed to get it out the door ASAP.

I decided to give the Aspose PDF component a try, and I was able to implement a rock solid solution in a matter of hours. The library was much easier to use compared to the other options I tried. Performance is great, and it is also much more accurate than the other options I previously tried to cobble together myself. The amount of time it saved me was well worth the price of the license.

I would highly recommend using this component if you need to handle PDF's in your .NET applications.

SeanStati Uniti5 stella

Great product. After using the API solution for Aspose for over 3 months, my company is moving towards buying a full license. We originally looked at over 10 different technologies that could support our PDF conversion and manipulation needs. Aspose API provided a great introductory solution as we were testing the feasibility of the business. So now we find that (a) the business is a success and (b) our needs are outweighing the API. We are also looking for more features that the API doesn't have like editing capabilities. So we are moving forward with a typical IAAS solution on Azure which is very easy to do with Aspose.PDF for .NET. So really pleased, the only thing I would say to be aware of if you choose the API solution is price. We found getting an actual license is much, much cheaper vs. API once you get to a few thousand calls a month.

daveK2 cliente verificatoStati Uniti5 stella

Aspose provide really great libraries. The Aspose .Pdf for .Net is the second library we have used. Its full featured, very reliable and the support from Aspose is impressive. K2 will continue to partner with Aspose for our needs in this space.