A proposito di Data Abstract for Cocoa and Java

Crea soluzioni di database multilivello e scalabili.

Data Abstract for Cocoa and Java is a suite or RAD tools for writing multi-tier solutions in Cocoa, XCode and Java . Data Abstract for Cocoa and Java is a suite including RemObjects Data Abstract for Cocoa and Java Editions. RemObjects Data Abstract allows you to create services that access any database, by providing a clear separation between data-access and business-logic. RemObjects Data Abstract will enable your applications to interface with different database systems, even simultaneously, instead of depending from any single one. RemObjects Data Abstract supports a wide range of database back-ends, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Interbase/Firebird, Sybase, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite and many more.

Data Abstract for Cocoa and Java

Data Abstract for Cocoa
Data Abstract for Cocoa offers true muti-tier database development for Apple Macintosh and iPhone platforms.

Data Abstract for Cocoa Main Features

  • Build fully native database clients for Mac OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard, as well as iPhone and iPod touch devices, in Xcode. Data Abstract for Cocoa is fully 100% Objective-C library
  • Use advanced data access features such as our DA SQL technology, to have full data querying flexibility on the client, without circumventing data security or business logic
  • Access your existing middle tier servers, sharing your already implemented business logic and server infrastructure with your new Mac and iPhone client apps alongside your existing Windows clients

If you are already using one of the other editions of Data Abstract, you can now access your exiting Data Abstract servers (written in .NET or Delphi), to share a common back-end between your Windows, Mac and iPhone users, while still providing a fully native Cocoa or Cocoa Touch based user experience for the latter two.

Fully Native Cocoa API
Data Abstract for Cocoa was written from the ground up and designed for Cocoa developers; the library consists of 100% native Objective-C code, written in Xcode and architected to fit in with the general design principles of Cocoa and other Mac frameworks.

At the same time, it has been built on years of experience collected while working on its sibling editions for .NET and Delphi, so it will be comfortably familiar to developers experienced with Data Abstract on these platforms, as they will recognize the same concepts such as Remote Data Adapters, Data Streamers and so forth. Full wire-compatibility is provided, allowing clients written in Data Abstract for Cocoa to seamlessly communicate with any Data Abstract server.

Fitting in with general Cocoa development paradigms, Data Abstract for Cocoa is fully designed for asynchronous (and optionally synchronous) data access, making it easy to write applications that keep a responsive user interface while data access and communication with the middle-tier server is under way.

Share Code Between Mac and iPhone
Because the Data Abstract library is single-sourced and virtually identical for Mac OS X and iPhone, you too can share a lot of the data access code in your own applications between both platforms. This means you can concentrate on providing specialized user interface for the two types of devices, but share a lot of your client code that works behind the scenes.

For example, internal "Bugs" application shown here consists of largely the same code base for both iPhone and Mac (and communicates with the same Mono/Linux-based server middle-tier server):

Full Integration with NSPredicate
Data Abstract for Cocoa provides tight integration with Cocoa predicates and the NSPredicateEditor, making it easy for your application and for your users to filter data.

Functionality is provided to automatically populate a predicate editor, such as the one shown below, with meta data from data tables, whether to use resulting predicate to filter a local dataset, or to control a subset of data to download using DA SQL. This includes full support for lookup and calculated fields.

Data Abstract for Java
Develop native clients for Android and other Java environments, using either the Java language or Oxygene for Java. Data Abstract consists of and provides a wide range of advanced technologies that make up the framework and set it apart from other database solutions on the market. Data Abstract is available in five separate editions, for developers using .NET (and Mono), Apple Cocoa platform, Java (and Android), Delphi, and JavaScript (as well as in bundles of two or more). Each edition is written and engineered from the ground up to fit into the surrounding framework and to be a fully native solution for the development platform in question.

Connect to Virtually Any Database Type
With its flexible driver architecture, Data Abstract allows your application to talk to virtually any relational database system available. Because Data Abstract is a true multi-tier system, no database client libraries are required on the client.