A proposito di dbForge Data Pump

Esporta e importa SQL Data nei formati più diffusi.

dbForge Data Pump is a specially developed add-in for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Its purpose is to fill SQL databases with external source data and migrate data between systems. The tool exports data from 10+ widely used data formats (Microsoft Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, Text, Microsoft Access, etc.) and provides multiple advanced options and templates for recurring scenarios. This highly customizable solution facilitates data import and export, boosting your productivity and results.

dbForge Data Pump Feature Highlights:

  • Schedule automated data export and import routines through CLI
  • Import data from 9 accessible data formats for SQL Server
  • Export data to 13 universal data formats for SQL Server
  • Migrate data from third-party databases
  • Repopulate or append data to the tables in databases
  • Customize the tasks of import and export using predefined templates
  • Dump table data to one or several SQL files