FastCube is a tool for desktop OLAP analysis. FastCube .Net includes components for data access, processing and storing structured data as well as for visualizing information that has already been processed. The main component of the library - cross table - allows filtering, sorting, drill-down, drill-up, drill through, pivoting and many other operations. FastCube enables you to analyze data and to build summary tables (data slices) as well as create a variety of reports and graphs both easily and instantly. It's a handy tool for the efficient analysis of data arrays.

FastCube.Net is a set of OLAP Desktop components.

It supports .Net Framework 4. Compatible with FastCube 2 VCL.

  • FastCube components can be built into the interface of host applications.
  • FastCube end users do not require high programming skills to build reports.
  • FastCube is a set of OLAP Desktop components for Visual Studio.
  • Instant downloading and handling of data arrays.
  • Ready-made templates can be built for summary tables. It is possible to prohibit users from modifying the schema.
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FastCube.Net 2020.2
FastCube.Net 2020.2
Aggiunge il supporto per il framework Mono multipiattaforma.
FastCube.Net 2020.1
FastCube.Net 2020.1
Aggiunge il supporto di ASP.NET Core, tra cui 2 controlli Web interattivi, WebSliceGrid e WebCubeGrid.
FastCube.Net 2019.4
FastCube.Net 2019.4
Aggiunge il supporto per le espressioni in FastCube.Net.
FastCube.Net 2019.3
FastCube.Net 2019.3
Aggiunge il pacchetto NuGet FastCube.Core che consente di lavorare con i cubi in ASP.NET e le applicazioni console.
FastCube.Net 2019.2
FastCube.Net 2019.2
Aggiunge l'evento BeforeProgress alle griglie ed elementi al menu contestuale CubeGrid e migliora la velocità di esportazione Excel2007.

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  • .NET Class
  • ASP.NET Core

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