Help & Manual Translation Assistant

Help & Manual Translation Assistant (HMTA) is a tool for translating Help & Manual documentation projects. It has all the features translators need to perform both original translations and updates. HMTA does a direct side-by-side comparison between old and new versions for all translatable content in the project (not just the topics). It can auto-sync two projects or let you manually synchronize the differences. The translation assistant is a stand-alone application complementing the Help & Manual authoring tool.

Help & Manual Translation Assistant Features

  • Side-by-side views and comparisons of the original project and the translation.
  • Support for DeepL machine translation with bulk translation of the entire project.
  • Support for DeepL API glossaries with dedicated translation pairs.
  • WYSIWYG editor with full support for Help & Manual formatting and style tools.
  • Export translation packages for external translation. Include only content that is new or has changed.

Ultime Notizie

Help & Manual Translation Assistant 9.1.0 Build 500
Help & Manual Translation Assistant 9.1.0 Build 500
Il plug-in DeepL aggiunge la traduzione in coreano e in norvegese.
Help & Manual Translation Assistant 9.0.2 Build 472
Help & Manual Translation Assistant 9.0.2 Build 472
L'Editor argomenti aggiunge la possibilità di utilizzare "CTRL+A" per selezionare tutto.
Help & Manual Translation Assistant rilasciato
Help & Manual Translation Assistant rilasciato
Include visualizzazioni affiancate, editor WYSIWYG, supporto per la traduzione automatica e per l'esportazione dei pacchetti di traduzione.

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