Informazioni sulla licenza ImagXpress .NET Professional

One software license is required per developers.
Run-time NOT royalty free.

Licensee is required to purchase one copy of the development kit(s) for each developer.
Licensee is required to obtain the appropriate license agreement prior to deploying applications which contain Accusoft Pegasus code.

Accusoft Pegasus software applications and development tools are limited for use on a single CPU. Any runtimes or copies installed or distributed must be granted by a direct license from Accusoft Pegasus. These 'license agreements' provide the terms and limits of number and usage.

Licensing Category: Client License
Application containing Accusoft Pegasus code is: Operated by a single person.
License Model: Client Runtime
Technical Notes: 'Multi-processor' computers and 'multi-core' processors (chips) are counted as a single CPU or seat for client installations, so a 'dual-core' processor counts as one CPU or installation.

Licensing Category: Server (Internal Use)
Application containing Accusoft Pegasus code is: Operated by a process, such as a computer monitoring a folder for files to be processed.
License Model: Server (Annual)
Technical Notes: 'Multi-processor' computers and 'multi-core' processors are counted as multiple CPUs (licensed runtimes).

Licensing Category: WebServer |ASP |TerminalServices
Application containing Accusoft Pegasus code is: Part of a hosted service or tool. Code executes centrally and not on the client CPU.
License Model: Server (Annual)
Technical Notes: Placing an installation file on your server that is to be downloaded and installed on client machines, such as a CAB file to plug into Internet Explorer, is multiple Client installations, and not a Server installation, for licensing purposes.

UPGRADING DEPLOYED APPLICATIONS (without an annual Fee) TO A NEWER VERSION OF AN ACCUSOFT PEGASUS PRODUCT WILL INVOLVE ADDITIONAL LICENSING. The normal runtime upgrade fee is 45% of current price for a one version upgrade, 65% of current price for a two version upgrade, and 85% of current price for more than a two version upgrade. Avoid deployed license upgrade fees by purchasing a Galleon Support Plan.

Note: If you are deploying a combination of Accusooft Pegasus Imaging products, special discounts will apply. The cost will be the higher cost runtime plus 1/3 of additional runtime fees.
Please contact
For example: If you are purchasing Product A Runtime ($120) and Product B Runtime ($150) together, runtimes won't be added together. Total price will be $190 (Product B $150 + 1/3 of Product A $40).

Please note: In order to receive your development/developer (SDK) license key you may be required to purchase runtime licenses at the same time. (Usually a minimum of 5 runtime licenses is required).
If you are purchasing additional developer licenses this requirement may not be necessary providing you already have a Runtime license agreement with Accusoft, you will still need to purchase runtime licenses according to your deployment needs.

A member of the ComponentSource Sales Team will contact you after you place your order to check that you have the licenses you require and will then send you information to access your license keys.

If you have any questions or require a a full quotation for Development and Deployment licenses please contact us

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