IronWord for .NET

IronWord for .NET is a C# Word DOCX library for generating and editing Microsoft Word documents in .NET. Its user friendly API allows developers to add Word document processing functionality to .NET projects in minutes.

IronWord for .NET Features

Document Structure

  • Read and Edit Word
    • Extract text and images.
  • Edit Page Setup
    • Paper size.
    • Page orientation.
    • Custom margins.
    • Background color.
  • Add Paragraphs
    • Add and remove TextRuns.
    • Add images.
    • Add shapes.
    • Set styling.
    • Set alignments (left, center, right and justified).
    • Add bullets and numbering lists.
  • Add Tables
    • Add rows and columns (insert before and after).
    • Remove rows and columns.
    • Set and get cell values (index).
    • Merge and split cells.
    • Set borders (value, size...

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Generate and Edit Word Documents in .NET
Generate and Edit Word Documents in .NET
February 29, 2024Product Update
IronWord for .NET offers a user friendly API that allows developers to add Word document processing functionality to their .NET projects in minutes.

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Supported Platforms
  • .NET Core (8, 7, 6, 5 and 3.1+)
  • .NET Standard (2.0+)
  • .NET Framework (4.6.2+)

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