LEADTOOLS Advanced PDF Module

LEADTOOLS Advanced PDF Module gives developers access to advanced PDF technologies including support for PDF eSignature, vector PDFs, and PDF edit. This module is an add-on to LEADTOOLS PDF SDK, LEADTOOLS Edit SDK, LEADTOOLS Document SDK, LEADTOOLS Document Plus SDK, LEADTOOLS Recognition SDK, LEADTOOLS Medical SDK and LEADTOOLS Medical Suite SDK.

What's Included in the LEADTOOLS Advanced PDF Module SDK?

Vector PDF Format

  • View and Convert PDF Documents as Vector with SVG.
  • Load, edit, save, and convert vector file formats.

PDF eSignature
Digital signatures in PDF files are comparable to ink signatures on a paper document, but much more secure. LEADTOOLS PDF SDK libraries can add digital signatures to PDF files, retrieve information from embedded signatures, as well as verify signatures to ensure that a bad actor has not manipulated the PDF...

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LEADTOOLS adds significant new features
LEADTOOLS adds significant new features
September 14, 2012Nuova Funzionalità
Updates include enhancements to HTML5, Document and Medical Imaging functionality.

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LEADTOOLS Licensing: Product Configurations LEADTOOLS SDKs include stand alone SDKs and Add On Modules and Plug Ins. You must own a license to a standalone SDK to be eligible to purchase a license to...

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