A proposito di LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional

Converti PDF, doc, TIFF, JPEG e altro ancora.

LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional is an image/file converter that allows you to convert your images or documents from over 165 file formats including searchable PDF, DOC, HTML, TXT, Multi-page TIFF, JPG, GIF, PNG and many more. ePrint makes file conversion to searchable PDF easier from any application. It includes powerful PDF options such as PDF font embedding, bookmarks, watermarks, security, compression and more. Also included with ePrint is a free screen capture utility that sits on your Explorer toolbar. With LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional your file conversion possibilities are infinite because as long as you have a Windows application that prints, LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional can save the format you specify.

Create Multipage Files
ePrint offers you the ability to combine multiple documents into one single file. Now you can combine multiple documents into one single PDF file. Or combine a number of JPEG image files into one single Multipage TIFF file.

Email with ePrint
LEADTOOLS ePrint can be configured to send your documents or images to an email recipient or an entire list of e-mail recipients. With this feature you can print and distribute information in standard formats to many people in one mouse click. The material you want to send as an email is saved as an image and attached to the email. Additionally, ePrint print jobs can be shared with other ePrint users allowing them to perform their own print job processing or redirection to fit their individual needs.

Screen Capture Utility
Included with the ePrint printer driver is a Screen Capture utility that can be used as an Explorer toolbar or as a stand alone application. You can easily capture your entire screen, an active window or selected menu, your cursor, toolbar or an icon, as well as your wallpaper, mouse pointer, or a selected area such as a rectangle, ellipse or triangle.

With the ePrint Included Screen Capture Utility you can:

  • Capture images by specifying the capture tools
  • Save the captured images to over 165 different file formats

Broadcast Printing with ePrint
With LEADTOOLS ePrint broadcast printing feature, you can eliminate your trips across the office to hand your manager or co-worker the document or report that he/she has been asking for. Now, just use the ePrint properties box to set up multiple printers from which to print the document. Set up your redirection list of printers and print to them all at the same time, or just print to one specific printer. Perform File Conversion "on the fly" and send each person on the broadcast list, the file in the format he prefers. Additionally, if you have a printer driver that is capable of sending a fax, you can print a hardcopy and fax the document to one, two or more printers in only one step.