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Converti PDF, doc, TIFF, JPEG e altro ancora.

LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional file converter is a complete solution for image and document conversion. Convert from any Microsoft Windows application to over 150 file types including PDF, DOC, HTML, TXT, TIFF, JPG, GIF, PNG and many more. Includes the ePrint printer driver as well as a complete workstation desktop application for your more advanced printing needs.

LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional is an all-in-one print capturing solution that allows you to capture the print output from ANY Windows application. Capture print jobs can be save to over 150 file types including PDF, DOC, HTML, TXT, Multi-page TIFF, JPG, GIF and PNG, and save to your computer, a file share on your network, Microsoft SharePoint server or email.

ePrint Professional includes three ways to print your files:

  • ePrint Printer - When you print to this printer you will be presented with the ePrint Save dialog which allows you to save your print job to over 150 file formats with options to OCR, email, upload to SharePoint and more.
  • ePrint Workstation - The ePrint Workstation is a print composing and print editing application that lets you preview and modify your print job(s) with features such as Annotations, combine and rearrange pages, watermarks, stationery and more. Once you have finished composing your print job you can save it with all of the same options available in the main ePrint printer.
  • ePrint Task Printer - These useful printers enhance your workflow automation and save time by allowing you to pre-configure common tasks such as saving your print job to a document archive.

Just click "Print" from within any application to choose any of ePrint's printing options for easy file conversion and document management.

Key Features

  • File Conversion - Convert to more than 150 file formats from any Windows application.
  • Advanced PDF Features - Create PDF files from any software application with flexible options.
  • Print to OCR - Convert images with text directly to searchable formats like PDF and DOC.


  • Create PDF documents that are universally viewable no matter what application you are using. Specialized fonts, tables, grids, etc from your software application are all converted to PDF, allowing anyone to view the file as you see it. Your accounting department can create a PDF file of a report from their accounting software and email it to your management team in one step! No need for multiple accounting software licenses.
  • Annotate, combine, compose, and edit your printed documents with ease using the ePrint Workstation.
  • Save time by converting, saving, printing, emailing and archiving your file in one easy process. ePrint can handle multi-tasking with ease! Also, eliminate repetitive printing/converting set-up time by creating multiple ePrint printers. If you print a specific report or document to PDF daily, just set up a new "ePrint PDF printer" that will retain the settings you need for that daily print job.
  • Save money - ePrint costs only a fraction of the price of Adobe Acrobat but offers a full set of features and endless conversion possibilities.

ePrint Professional Features
LEADTOOLS ePrint Professional is perfect for anyone needing file format conversion, PDF creation or conversion, improved document management flow, or increased efficiency when printing to file or printing to paper. ePrint offers a comprehensive set of features that is sure to help your office with its file management. Convert, create, edit, save, print, email - ePrint does it all.

  • Print Capture and File Format Conversion from any application
    Convert to more than 150 file formats from any Windows application. Simply click "print" from within your application and choose the format you want to convert to - JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, DOC, GIF, TXT, HTML and many more. Save captured print jobs and converted files to your computer, Microsoft SharePoint servers and email.
  • Optical Character Recognition
    Print to OCR and convert any document or image to searchable-text file formats such as PDF, DOC, text and more. OCR with ePrint is perfectly suited for document archival, indexing and starting point for workflow automation.
  • PDF Creation
    Create PDF files that are universally viewable from any software application. Web designers, create a PDF of your HTML page to send to clients. Graphic designers using specialized fonts that would not ordinarily be viewable to others can create a PDF of their work allowing a client or print shop to see the fonts and graphics just as they do.
  • PDF Conversion
    Convert your files to PDF easily using ePrint. Convert to PDF from TIFF, JPG, GIF, DOC and 150 other formats. Several options are available to control your PDF output including font embedding, watermarks, security options, compression and more.
  • PDF Editing
    With ePrint installed you can edit your PDF files in Microsoft Word and convert them back to PDF - all you need is ePrint, Microsoft Word and Acrobat PDF Reader. No additional software from Adobe is necessary.
  • Add Annotation Objects to your Print Job
    Using the ePrint Workstation printer you can add custom annotation objects to your converted documents.
  • Multi-task Processing Using Task Printers
    Set up task printers - Configure your own "printer" that performs a series of actions that you define. Use the Task Printers Manager to manage the task printers that you create.
  • Edit Print Jobs using ePrint Workstation Printer
    Change page order by using cut and paste and insert empty pages, divide any file to multiple files and remove portions of the file, choose how the outputted file will be named before saving using the naming template, add watermarks, headers, footers and more.
  • Combine Multiple Documents into one Single File
    Now you can combine multiple documents into one single PDF file. Combine several JPEG image files into one single multi-page PDF file or combine a TIFF, DOC, GIF and HTML file all into one PDF file.
  • Batch Conversion
    Using the ePrint Task Printers option, you can now use ePrint to perform batch processing on your documents as they are converted.
  • Email Options
    You can configure your settings in the ePrint setup to redirect your print job to an email attachment. The print job is saved as an image and you can then send it to multiple recipients.
  • Enhanced Printing
    Print 2, 4, or 8 pages on a single sheet, add watermarks to protect your work, or have fun and add a stationery design with this feature.
  • Broadcast Printing
    ePrint can be set up to allow you to broadcast your print job to more than one printer allowing you to print your document to someone else's printer on the other side of your office.
  • Screen Capture Utility
    Included free with LEADTOOLS ePrint. An Explorer toolbar that sits on your taskbar that allows you to capture images and even save them out to various file formats.