LEADTOOLS ICR Module can convert handwritten reports into PDF (requires LEADTOOLS PDF OCR Module) or Word Doc files. It can be used in the same fashion and mixed on the same image as the OCR module (set as a recognition module to ICR as a zone option). The LEADTOOLS ICR Module supports hand written text in nearly 100 languages including 15 with dictionary support. The ICR features are included as an add-on module to extend the functionality of the LEADTOOLS Document Imaging SDK and the LEADTOOLS OCR Module by exposing the properties, methods, and events for two ICR modules to your applications.

ICR recognition engines:

HNR - Hand printed numeral recognition engine is designed for a reduce character set for improved speed and accuracy. Typical recognition time is 280-310 characters per second (Measured on a computer with 1500 MHz Pentium processor / 256 MB RAM running Windows 2000.) It specializes to recognize the following:

  • digits (0-9)
  • plus sign (+)
  • minus sign (-)
  • period or full-stop (.)
  • comma (,)

RER - reRecognition Hand print recognition engine is designed to recognize upper and...

Ultime Notizie

LEADTOOLS ICR Module v20 (Rilascio marzo 2019)
LEADTOOLS ICR Module v20 (Rilascio marzo 2019)
March 13, 2019Nuova versione
Include nuovi algoritmi di rilevamento MICR, CMC-7 e controllo.
LEADTOOLS ICR Module V20 (Release giugno 2018)
LEADTOOLS ICR Module V20 (Release giugno 2018)
June 19, 2018Nuova versione
Include aggiornamenti ai formati di file e miglioramenti del toolkit.
January 29, 2018Nuova versione
Include OmniPage ICR Engine, che supporta le linee di prodotti LEADTOOLS Document e Medical.
LEADTOOLS ICR Module v19 (Rilascio marzo 2017)
LEADTOOLS ICR Module v19 (Rilascio marzo 2017)
March 29, 2017Nuova versione
Aggiunge supporto per Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.
LEADTOOLS v19 Document SDKs updated
LEADTOOLS v19 Document SDKs updated
April 20, 2016Nuova Funzionalità
Includes broader Linux and Java support and OCR advancements.
LEADTOOLS Document Imaging v19 Major Update released
LEADTOOLS Document Imaging v19 Major Update released
November 26, 2015Nuova Funzionalità
Significantly increases speed and accuracy of Advantage OCR Engine.
LEADTOOLS Licensing: Product Configurations LEADTOOLS SDKs include stand alone SDKs and Add On Modules and Plug Ins. You must own a license to a standalone SDK to be eligible to purchase a license to...

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