LEADTOOLS Imaging HTML5 Module

LEADTOOLS Imaging HTML5 Module includes an HTML5 / JavaScript Viewer control specially designed for the next generation of imaging applications. By adding on an HTML5 viewer control, JavaScript libraries and RESTful web services developers can build robust, yet light-weight zero-footprint image viewing applications that run on any desktop, tablet or mobile device. LEADTOOLS Imaging HTML5 Module adds on to LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro SDK.

Web developers using LEADTOOLS HTML5 and JavaScript libraries can create zero footprint, cross-platform applications with imaging functionality. Developers can target desktops, tablets and mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android and more, with a single application featuring robust image display and processing, support for mouse, multi-touch gestures, annotations and much more.

Overview of LEADTOOLS HTML5 Image Viewer SDK Technology

  • HTML5 Canvas / JavaScript Viewer Control for cross-platform...

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LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro SDK v19 released
LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro SDK v19 released
January 15, 2015Nuova Funzionalità
New version adds MSG, PST, EML and DNG file format support.
LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro SDK updated
LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro SDK updated
February 18, 2014Nuova Funzionalità
New release adds support for Microsoft TypeScript to the LEADTOOLS JavaScript libraries.
Develop Zero Footprint Web Imaging Applications
Develop Zero Footprint Web Imaging Applications
January 31, 2013Nuova Funzionalità
LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro V18 adds HTML5 and JavaScript viewing, formating and image processing.
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