A proposito di LEADTOOLS Imaging SDK

Il toolkit per sviluppatori di alto livello include controlli ActiveX e WPF/XAML.

LEADTOOLS Imaging SDK provides basic and advanced color imaging features for file format import/export, image compression, image display and effects, color conversion, image processing, TWAIN scanning, imaging common dialogs, database integration, printing and Internet.

LEADTOOLS Imaging SDK includes the tools developers need to create powerful imaging applications. Become an imaging expert instantly using LEADTOOLS components. Why waste months coding when you can take advantage of LEAD's 18 years of imaging experience in a comprehensive SDK and cut your programming time in half?

Save time and money with LEADTOOLS' support for color conversion, display, compression such as JPEG, CCITT G4 and LEAD's proprietary CMP, image processing, TWAIN scanning, color conversion, display, special effects, (2000+ effects), 150+ image formats support, printing, Internet/intranet imaging, database imaging, imaging common dialogs, and screen capture.

The WPF/XAML Imaging SDK included with LEADTOOLS Imaging provides robust imaging capabilities, interface automation, data-driven user interfaces and visualization, as well as Windows shell (Explorer) integration. WPF can natively access Windows Imaging Component (WIC) codecs and APIs, allowing developers to write image codecs for their specific image file formats. LEADTOOLS Imaging takes full advantage of this capability, to provide you with out-of-the-box support for displaying, loading, saving, converting or processing all image formats supported by the Microsoft Windows BitmapSource class in the WPF environment, as well as the 150+ formats supported by LEADTOOLS Imaging.


  • WPF Standard .NET - Includes controls for everything you need to start adding imaging functions to your Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications.
  • Image Format Support - Load, save and convert 150+ image file formats and sub-formats using both industry standard and proprietary compressions.
  • Printing Support - Printing is just as easy as displaying an image. You control the size and location that the image should be printed. Additionally, Windows GDI functions can be used in conjunction with LEADTOOLS printing providing the flexibility to print text and multiple images on the same page.
  • Compression Support - Supports many of the industry standard compression techniques including JPEG, JPEG2000, CCITT, LZW, ZIPLIB, Huffman, Arithmetic, RLE and Packbits.
  • ActiveX Support - Provides custom controls developed by LEAD Technologies, Inc. for incorporating image compression, file format support, and image processing into your applications.
  • Imaging Common Dialogs - LEADTOOLS Imaging Common Dialog boxes save hours of tedious programming and provide your end-users with a consistent look and feel by extending Windows common dialogs to provide imaging specific capabilities. The Common Dialogs provide professional imaging common dialogs for image processing, conversion and effects.
  • TWAIN Scanning Support - TWAIN drivers are included with almost all scanner and other image acquisition hardware. Also, with recent advancements TWAIN is the driver of choice for performance and reliability. LEADTOOLS Imaging products currently support all functionality included in the TWAIN v1.9 specification.
  • Screen Capture - Powerful screen capture functionality that can capture resources from files, menus, windows, clients, areas of screen in different shapes. The screen capture tools are extremely useful, especially for documentation and provide another means of image input.
  • Display and Special Effects - Complete control of how the image is displayed including zooming, stretching, region of the image to display, and over 2000 paint effects. LEADTOOLS includes a Pan Window to easily show an image overview and an alternative method of scrolling and panning the image.
  • Database Support - Provides both high level and low level database support including the ability to bind to a VB data control, an OLEDB interface, an ODBC interface and low level functions to load and save images to memory.
  • Image Processing - Over 200 image processing functions divided into four basic categories: Digital Paint functionality in the Imaging Pro that includes a variety of functions for digital painting including the creation and use of brushes, shapes, textures and more.
  • Internet Support - Several different levels of Internet support including objects that can be packaged into CAB files and objects that can be created on a web server, functions to load images from a URL or memory stream.
  • Color Conversion - To ensure that you can convert images from one format to another or display images to any display device, LEADTOOLS includes powerful color conversion functionality. The color conversion functions include support for over 8 different dithering methods, many palette options and the ability to convert image data to any supported bits per pixel to any other support bits per pixel. Supported values are 1-8 bit color or grayscale, 16 bit color, 24 bit color and 32 bit color. If you need 12 or 16 bit grayscale or 48 and 64 bit color support, check out the Medical Imaging product.
  • ePrint Integration - The functionality of ePrint is available to programmers. Take control of the ePrint features that are available to your users with the API developer version of ePrint.

Which LEADTOOLS product is right for me?

Do you need Medical Imaging functionality to create DICOM clients or servers, or do you need support for medical images like X-rays, CT scans, etc.?
If so, you will need LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging. Contact sales@LEADTOOLS.com for more information.

Will your application use 1 bit or black and white images?
If so, then LEADTOOLS Document Imaging includes functionality specifically designed for 1 bit or black and white images.

Do you need support for image markup or image annotation? (Image markup or annotation is different than simply drawing on the image. The annotations are drawn on an overlay that is on top of the image.)
If so, then LEADTOOLS Document Imaging includes support to annotate an image.

Do you want to add OCR, forms recognition and processing, advanced compound document/image compression and storage, or document image clean-up technologies to your application?
If so, then LEADTOOLS Document Imaging allows you to add on the above technology to your application.

Do you want to add barcode reading or writing technologies to your application?
If so, then LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro allows you to add on the above technology to your application.

Do you need support for multimedia functionality like video capture, video playback or converting?
If so, then LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK will meet this requirement.

Do you need to natively support the creation, loading or editing of vector objects? Natively meaning that a vector image is kept as vector in memory.
If so, then LEADTOOLS Vector Imaging Pro would be the correct selection.