A proposito di LEADTOOLS Streaming Module

Flusso video o audio attraverso Internet o via intranet.

The LEADTOOLS Streaming Module is perfect for developers who need to stream video or audio across the Internet or via intranet. This Multimedia module offers an unsurpassed multimedia experience at a toolkit level while at the same time reducing bandwidth requirements by taking advantage of LEAD´s video and audio codecs. With the LEADTOOLS Streaming Module you can stream multimedia files using a standard IIS web server or with Microsoft Media Server using LEAD's MMS Sink Filter. Create Smooth Streaming files and push them to an IIS Media Services server using LEAD’s SSF Writer.

LEADTOOLS Streaming Module allows developers to create a variety of client/server applications using several different configurations with options for different encryption methods, compression and more. For example, applications can be created where you have a single server sending audio/video to multiple clients, i.e. multicast or web cast for Web broadcasting. Additionally, security/surveillance applications can be created where you have multiple capture points sending video to a single source.

For information on streaming MPEG-2 transport video through UDP ports, see the LEADTOOLS MPEG-2 Transport Module.

What's Included in the LEADTOOLS Video Streaming Module?

TCP/IP Streaming

With the LEADTOOLS Streaming Module you can stream stored or live media via a standard IIS web server, as well as take advantage of additional features built into Microsoft Windows Media Server. Additionally, developers can stream on-demand and live smooth streaming content using IIS Media Services

Network filters and objects

LEADTOOLS Streaming Module includes the following network filters and objects:

  • LEAD Network Protocol Manager
  • LEAD Network Sink Filter
  • LEAD Network Source Filter

Multiplexers and Demultiplexers

LEADTOOLS Streaming Module includes the following multiplexers and demultiplexers:

  • LEAD Network Demultiplexer Filter
  • LEAD Network Multiplexer Filter
  • LEAD FLV Multiplexer
  • LEAD FLV Demultiplexer
  • LEAD SSF Writer
  • LEAD ISO Multiplexer
  • LEAD ISO Demultiplexer
  • LEAD MKV Demultiplexer
  • LEAD MKV Multiplexer

Streaming Filters

LEADTOOLS Streaming Module includes the following streaming filters:

  • LEAD MMS Sink
  • LEAD RTSP Sink

Video and Audio Codecs

LEADTOOLS Streaming Module includes the following codecs:

  • LEAD H.265 Decoder
  • LEAD H.265 Encoder
  • LEAD H.265 Transcoder
  • LEAD H.264 Decoder
  • LEAD H.264 Encoder
  • LEAD MPEG-4 Decoder
  • LEAD MPEG-4 Encoder
  • LEAD H263 Encoder
  • LEAD H263 Decoder
  • LEAD Theora Encoder
  • LEAD Theora Decoder
  • LEAD VP8 Encoder
  • LEAD VP8 Decoder
  • LEAD AMR Encoder
  • LEAD AMR Decoder
  • LEAD Ogg splitter (required to play Ogg files in Media Player)
  • LEAD Vorbis decoder (required to play Vorbis audio data)
  • LEAD AAC Encoder
  • LEAD AAC Decoder

DirectShow Filters and Media Foundation Transforms

LEADTOOLS Streaming Module includes the following DirectShow filters and Media Foundation Transforms:

  • LEAD Video Frame Rate Control Filter
  • LEAD Video Crop Filter
  • LEAD Video Deinterlace Filter
  • LEAD Video Resize Filter
  • LEAD Video Rotation Filter

Product Demos

LEADTOOLS Streaming Module includes many demos with source code to help you get started with your own development project.

  • Video Conferencing Server
  • Video Conferencing Client
  • Publish to Windows Media Server

A few examples of applications that make use of the above functionality:

  • Create video conferencing and text messaging applications.
  • Create PC based security applications where the security camera feed can be streamed and monitored remotely.
  • Create applications for streaming TV content from a server and controlling the TV remotely.
  • Create Windows Media Server like applications for broadcasting audio/video content compressed with our industry compression technology.
  • Create live Windows Media Streams by recompressing on the fly video received from capture devices or received from streams in other format.
  • Add Script commands to live windows media files to perform actions such as opening a URL or displaying close captioning text at specific locations during playback.

LEADTOOLS Streaming Module Seamlessly Adds Streaming Technology to

  • LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK