MadCap Central 2018

Released: May 2, 2018

Aggiornamenti in 2018


  • New Cloud-based Editor for Streamlined Contribution and Review with MadCap Flare - Allow anyone in your organization to contribute and review Flare content using MadCap Central’s new cloud-based editor. Subject matter experts, authors and other non-Flare users can now easily create and review content using an integrated cloud-based workflow.
  • Advanced Editing and Reviewing Content in the Cloud - Unlike the XML Editor in Flare, MadCap Central’s cloud-based editor provides only the features necessary for review by Subject Matter Experts and non-Flare users. Editing and review features include:
  • Annotations - Insert and delete annotations regarding content in the file.
  • Editing - Make changes, additions, and deletions to the content in the file. These changes are always tracked so that the author can see the modifications and accept or reject them as necessary.
  • Tags and Markup - Tags and markup in Flare topics and snippets are represented by various markers in the editor. These provide a visual cue for the author or reviewer that more than simple text is present.
  • Conditions - Conditions applied to certain content can be viewed, but you cannot make changes to the condition tags.
  • New User Types: Authors and Subject Matter Experts - MadCap Central now has two kinds of users - Authors and Subject Matter Experts. The Author has full access to all of MadCap Central’s functionality, while the Subject Matter Expert has access to only parts of the user interface relevant for reviewing content.
    • Author - Authors work in Flare, and create, edit and publish content, as well as in MadCap Central to manage projects. Authors can send topics (and snippets) out for review to other Authors and Subject Matter Experts, as well as open and edit files in the lightweight editor in MadCap Central.
    • Subject Matter Expert - Subject Matter Experts are users whose purpose in MadCap Central is to review content sent by an Author. SMEs only sees the parts of the user interface that are necessary for reviews.
  • Preview Project Files with New Files View - Preview your project files in the Projects tab of MadCap Central with the new Files view. You can switch between Preview, Code, and History views.