PowerShell Studio 2019 (5.6.158)

Released: Feb 4, 2019

Aggiornamenti in 2019 (5.6.158)


  • Added: References will be highlighted automatically (Options->Editor->Enable automatic reference highlighting).
  • Added: Reference highlighting for non-PowerShell files (Text-based).
  • Added: PrimalSense for assemblies referenced in the RequiredAssemblies and ModuleToProcess fields of the module project's manifest.
  • Updated: Find All References now includes attributes and unknown commands.
  • Updated: Reference highlighting will default to the text comparison when text is selected.
  • Updated: Next Occurrence and Previous Occurrence commands will now trigger and jump to highlighted references.


  • Fixed: $hostinvocation broken for PowerShell V5 / 64 bit
  • Fixed: STA mode for PowerShell debugger ignored
  • Fixed: References for environmental variables were not found.
  • Fixed: Project file parameters were marked as unknown.