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PowerShell HelpWriter is a premier editor for Windows PowerShell XML help files. Create and edit help files for all command types, including cmdlets, functions, workflows, and CIM commands. Focus on your content and let PowerShell HelpWriter worry about the XML. PowerShell HelpWriter analyzes your module and generates starter help files that match the cmdlet code and converts existing comment-based help. Exports your PowerShell help to HTML or markdown at the press of a button. Write help for a module before the code is written as a code specification. Once the help is written, use PowerShell Studio’s New Module from Help File feature to automatically generate the module’s code.

  • Generate help files for modules.
  • Create and edit about topics.
  • Create and design module help from scratch.
  • Fully-featured editor helps you write accurate and complete help topics.
  • Edit help files using the designer or directly using the XML editor.
  • Supports all command types: cmdlets, functions, workflows, CIM commands.
  • Converts comment-based help to PSMAML files.
  • Generates starter help for any command or all commands in a module.
  • Export help to Markdown or HTML.
  • Refresh the content to reflect...

Ultime Notizie

PowerShell HelpWriter 2023 (3.0.59)
PowerShell HelpWriter 2023 (3.0.59)
Aggiunge il supporto per Microsoft PowerShell 7.3.4.
PowerShell HelpWriter 2023
PowerShell HelpWriter 2023
Migliora il supporto di PowerShell 7 e aggiunge il selettore di versione di PowerShell.
PowerShell HelpWriter 2021 (2.3.49)
PowerShell HelpWriter 2021 (2.3.49)
Aggiunge il nuovo menu File e il nuovo tema Nero di Office 2019.
PowerShell HelpWriter 2019 (2.3.45)
PowerShell HelpWriter 2019 (2.3.45)
Aggiunge l'aggiornamento al runtime di Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.
PowerShell HelpWriter 2019 (2.3.43)
PowerShell HelpWriter 2019 (2.3.43)
I pannelli di output ora evidenziano le loro schede ancorate quando c'è un nuovo output, e in più è stata aggiunta l'opzione a capo automatico all'editor.
PowerShell HelpWriter 2019 (2.3.42)
PowerShell HelpWriter 2019 (2.3.42)
Aggiunge il Centro sicurezza script per gestire i criteri di esecuzione.

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One software license is required per user. One year of product maintenance and SAPIEN Product Support included. Maintenance can be renewed each year thereafter, to continue receiving updates to minor...

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  • Windows Server 2022
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows 10

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