Text Control DS Server

Text Control DS Server help you integrate professional document editing and processing into any web application. Provide your users with a Microsoft Word compatible document editor and a lightweight document viewer. Merge data into Word templates and create Adobe PDF documents programmatically using a powerful document backend API.

Text Control DS Server Features

  • Document Editor - Connect client-side NuGet, npm packages or pure JavaScript to DS Server and edit documents in a Microsoft Word inspired interface with WYSIWYG rendering.
  • Document Viewer - View Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF documents in a light-weight viewer and add collaboration, annotation and electronic signature features to your apps.
  • Document Processing API - Using the document processing Web API, merge JSON data into Microsoft Word compatible templates...

Ultime Notizie

Text Control DS Server 1.1
Text Control DS Server 1.1
Estende l'API Web con funzionalità PDF e codici a barre.
Text Control DS Server aggiornato
Text Control DS Server aggiornato
Aggiunge nuovi pacchetti lato client per le applicazioni di React.
Text Control DS Server rilasciato
Text Control DS Server rilasciato
Back-end dei servizi documenti pronti all'uso per le attività di elaborazione dei documenti su qualsiasi piattaforma.

Prezzi da: $ 2,448.04

DS Server is licensed for a period of one (1) year, and must be renewed on a yearly basis in order to continue functioning in your application. Includes software updates for 1 Year. DS Server is...

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Operating Systems
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019

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