UltraCompare for Mac

UltraCompare is a powerful compare/merge application loaded with features for comparing files or folders - up to three at a time. UltraCompare is now available as a native Mac OS X application. With features such as recursive directory compare, remote (FTP/SFTP) file and folder compare, full merging support, find duplicates, folder synchronization, and integration with UltraEdit, UltraCompare for Mac is guaranteed to boost your productivity and workflow.

What can UltraCompare for Mac do for you?

Compare files and folders
UltraCompare for Mac includes a robust compare engine which gives you the ability to compare two or three files or folders at a time - the same functionality you're used to in the Windows version, include drag-and-drop support, inline editing, block and line merging, session management, difference summary reporting, UltraEdit integration, and more.

Find duplicate files between two or more folders
UltraCompare for Mac includes a...

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UltraCompare for Mac released
UltraCompare for Mac released
April 11, 2013Comunicato stampa
Compare files and folders on Mac platforms.
One software license is required per user. All new licenses come with 1 free upgrade to the next release and lifetime technical support via email. To receive upgrades after the first release you will...

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Sistema operativo per implementazione
  • MacOS 10.7
  • MacOS 10.6
  • MacOS 10.5

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