What's New in Xamarin.Android

What's New in Xamarin Platform 4

Xamarin.Forms 2.0
Xamarin.Forms 2.0 is faster, more reliable, and more functional. Highlights include:

  • Support for pre-compiled screens defined in XAML for faster app loads,
  • Preview support for Universal Windows Platform apps
  • Support for iOS 9
  • Support for Android Material Design
  • New gestures like pinch and pull-to-refresh.

Visual Studio and iOS
Xamarin have rebuilt their support for developing iOS apps in Visual Studio from the ground up, and it’s smoother, easier to set up, and more reliable than ever before. Now you can develop, build, deploy and debug iOS apps entirely from within Visual Studio and communication with the Mac build host is now handled via a secure SSH connection. They now also support multiple concurrent Visual Studio instances, which is especially important if you have multiple iOS projects open at the same time.

Mono/.NET Upgrade
In this release Xamarin have incorporated large portions from Microsoft’s open sourced .NET codebase, increasing compatibility, performance, and reliability for all use cases.

Android and iOS Designers
Xamrin have made big improvements to their iOS and Android designers. The iOS designer can now load and save XIB files in addition to storyboard files, and the Android designer now supports Android Material Design. Xamarin have also improved the UI for both designers, and switched to using high-performance native design surfaces, for a smoother, faster editing experience.