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ComponentOne, a division of GrapeCity, is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where it serves as the headquarters of GrapeCity’s Developer Tools business. A leader in the Microsoft Visual Studio component industry and a Gold partner of Microsoft. ComponentOne focuses on providing its customers with innovative components, controls, tools, and solutions.

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I switched to ComponentOne from another vendor's offering and found C1's solution to be just what I needed: fast, lightweight and professional looking while still being easy to learn and use!
Greg Gum - Founder and Lead Software Engineer.

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공인 유통업체인 ComponentSource는 개발처에서 승인된 합법적인 라이선스를 제공합니다. ComponentOne

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201 South Highland Avenue, Third Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

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ComponentOne Studio ASP.NET adds Chart Navigator
Provide a range slider to specify the data range which is shown in the bound charts.
ComponentOne for WinForms Improves Cube Support
OLAP for WinForms now includes SASS Cube Support and asynchronous processing.
ComponentOne for WinRT XAML improves FlexGrid
FlexGrid now features improved touch interaction for dragging-and-dropping rows and columns as well as resizing columns.
ComponentOne Studio for WPF adds Barcodes
Easily render and display barcodes in your WPF applications.
ComponentOne adds ASP.NET MVC Edition
A set of modern UI controls built on all the latest technologies, including HTML5, CSS, and ECMAScript 5.
Xuni released
A collection of native, cross-platform mobile controls designed for Xamarin.Forms.