LEADTOOLS Recognition SDK V20 (June 2018 release)

Barcode, MICR 정확도가 대폭 향상되고 최대 10배까지 속도가 빨라집니다.
6월 19, 2018 - 16:19
신규 버전


File Formats

  • Image interpolation for images inside PDF documents
  • Custom margins for XLSX and RTF
  • Added options for choosing the page size and order when rasterizing and splitting large spreadsheets into multiple pages
  • New multiplatform RTF engine with improved rendering and speed
  • AFP file format on Linux

Virtual Printer

  • Improved print jobs management
  • Faster printing/spooling when printing multiple simultaneous jobs
  • Lower memory consumption

Additional Toolkit Enhancements

  • Dramatically improved Barcode and MICR accuracy and increased speed by up to 10x
  • Added new Barcode pre-processing options to increase accuracy when recognizing bad-quality images
  • Load and Save IBM FileNet P8/Daeja annotations, converting them to/from LEADTOOLS or PDF annotations
  • New mechanisms for controlling how and where temp files are used including memory-only mode for secure applications that restrict disk access


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