The LEADTOOLS Recognition SDK is a handpicked collection of LEADTOOLS SDK's and features designed to build end-to-end document imaging applications as part of an enterprise level document automation solutions that require capture, classification, forms processing, archival, annotation and view functionality. This powerful set of tools utilizes LEAD's image processing technology to intelligently identify document features that can be used to recognize any type of scanned or faxed form image.

LEADTOOLS gave us the possibility to develop the outstanding imaging application with minimum time.

Dmitry Smirnov, Samsung Research Center

The LEADTOOLS Recognition SDK includes the following products:

  • LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro
  • LEADTOOLS Document Imaging
  • LEADTOOLS Advantage OCR Module
  • LEADTOOLS Forms Recognition Module
  • LEADTOOLS 1D Barcode Module
  • LEADTOOLS 2D Barcode Module

The provided recognition and processing engines fully automate document classification and data extraction for known forms. The recognition engine creates unique XML data for each known form which is used to identify any...

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음성 언어를 텍스트로 변환하는 기능과 함께 음성 인식 지원을 추가합니다.
LEADTOOLS 업데이트 버전 22
LEADTOOLS 업데이트 버전 22
PDF 양식 필드 지원을 추가하고, 바코드 노이즈 제거를 향상시키며, 문서 데이터 스트리밍을 개선합니다.
LEADTOOLS Recognition SDK v22
LEADTOOLS Recognition SDK v22
영역 감지 및 인식 결과를 개선하기 위해 새로운 잡음 제거 기술을 추가합니다.
LEADTOOLS Recognition SDK v21
LEADTOOLS Recognition SDK v21
OCR 속도, 인식 및 정확도에 대한 주요 개선 사항.
LEADTOOLS Recognition SDK V20 (March 2019 release)
LEADTOOLS Recognition SDK V20 (March 2019 release)
검색 가능한 신규 문서 편집을 제공하며, 양식 인식 속도를 현저히 향상 시킵니다.
LEADTOOLS Recognition SDK V20 (June 2018 release)
LEADTOOLS Recognition SDK V20 (June 2018 release)
Barcode, MICR 정확도가 대폭 향상되고 최대 10배까지 속도가 빨라집니다.

가격: ₩ 5,241,800

LEADTOOLS Licensing: Product Configurations LEADTOOLS SDKs include stand alone SDKs and Add On Modules and Plug Ins.  You must own a license to a standalone SDK to be eligible to purchase a license to...

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