MadCap Lingo 11 r2

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8월 04, 2020 - 14:31
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  • Support for Code Snippets from MadCap Flare 2020 - MadCap Flare 2020 introduced a new Code Snippet Editor to easily create and insert code snippets into your documentation in dozens of coding languages, such as JavaScript and CSS. You can now use MadCap Lingo to translate code snippet captions from your Flare projects, as well as view a preview for code snippets in the file preview pane.
  • Enhancements to Find and Replace - New enhancements to Find and Replace include the ability to switch views between all results or first result per file, as well as a new column to show any issues that occurred from replace actions.
  • Git for Microsoft Windows Integration - Git Support in MadCap Lingo now integrates with Git for Windows to provide improved performance for network related functions such as Pull, Push, Import and Sync.
Support for Code Snippets

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