데이터 과학, 머신 러닝, Web 응용 프로그램 개발, 보안, 테스트 및 개발을 위해 미리 컴파일된 Python 패키지.

ActiveState사에서 공개
2017년 부터 ComponentSource에서 판매중


ActivePython is no longer for sale, instead ActiveState provide comparable functionality and new features through the ActiveState Platform. Customers can build their own off-the shelf open source language builds or make requests for custom builds and get additional functionality.

ActivePython 관련 정보

데이터 과학, 머신 러닝, Web 응용 프로그램 개발, 보안, 테스트 및 개발을 위해 미리 컴파일된 Python 패키지.

ActivePython is a precompiled, cross-platform, secure way for developers and data scientists to work with Python from desktop to production. To ensure that enterprises can safely adopt open source software (OSS) like Python in their mission critical applications, ActiveState has been in the business of providing supported, community-derived OSS language distributions for more than 20 years. When developing applications, writing scripts or the next machine learning algorithm, 97% of the Fortune 1000 think of ActiveState. Getting started with coding in Python easy - ActivePython is optimized to run consistently across your operating systems, with over 400 popular packages precompiled so you don’t have to do the plumbing to get started. The ActivePython distribution features popular third-party packages for data science/machine learning and web development, all of which have been carefully curated for license compliance and stale-dated components that may arise from lack of community support. Only then are the packages incorporated into ActiveState's distribution through a process of rigorous testing, patching and optimization to ensure compatibility and performance.

ActivePython Benefits:

  • Lower TCO: standardized distribution decreases installation and deployment overhead.
  • Accelerate time-to-market: pre-compiled, security-scanned so you can get started with coding.
  • Decrease Risk: commercial-grade support and maintenance for business & mission-critical applications.
  • Pre-compiled: All of our third-party packages included have been pre-compiled and pre-integrated to ensure compatibility and optimization between all components.
  • Ready for Machine Learning: ActivePython is the only distribution to provide a complete, one-click Python distribution for Machine Learning that includes all the basic data science packages (NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib, etc) along with popular Machine Learning packages (Theano, Keras, TensorFlow, etc) and Intel’s Math Kernel Library (MKL), all of which have been optimized for compatibility and performance.
  • Pre-verified: All packages have been verified to ensure against outdated or vulnerable versions, as well as incompatibility or improper licensing .
  • Commercial Support & Maintenance: Email and/or phone support with guaranteed response times, accompanied by regular maintenance releases, security patches and updates.
  • Komodo IDE: Complimentary license for ActiveState’s cross-platform, polyglot IDE.
  • Online and Offline Docs: Extensive documentation for the base language, as well as all included packages allow you to be productive while connected or disconnected.