Advanced Installer Professional

Advanced Installer Professional is a Windows Installer authoring tool. It offers a friendly and easy to use Graphical User Interface for creating and maintaining installation packages (EXE, MSI, etc.) based on the Windows Installer technology.

Advanced Installer Features

  • Installer and Uninstaller - Create packages that completely install and register, respectively uninstall and unregister, your application .
  • Always valid MSI 2.0/3.x/4.x/5.0 packages - Each written and unwritten Windows Installer rule, recommendation and best practice is carefully followed.
  • Wizard for Simple Project creation - Use the provided wizard to create complete Windows Installer MSI installs in mere minutes.
  • Add/Remove (Control Panel) customization - Customize...

최신 뉴스

Advanced Installer 20.1
Advanced Installer 20.1
Microsoft Office 애플리케이션 시작(launch) 조건에 비트 검색 기능을 추가합니다.
Advanced Installer 20.0
Advanced Installer 20.0
응용 프로그램을 자동으로 분석하고 MSIX로 변환합니다.
Advanced Installer 19.9
Advanced Installer 19.9
필수 구성 요소를 설치하기 전 또는 설치한 후에 스크립트를 실행합니다.
Advanced Installer 19.8.0
Advanced Installer 19.8.0
파일 및 폴더에 대한 고급 바로 가기를 관리하는 더 빠르고 간단한 방법이 포함되어 있습니다.
Advanced Installer 19.7
Advanced Installer 19.7
Windows 11용 Windows 탐색기 상황에 맞는 메뉴 항목을 만들기 위한 새로운 기능을 추가합니다.
Advanced Installer Professional 19.6
Advanced Installer Professional 19.6
솔루션에서 여러 프로젝트를 연결하는 기능을 추가합니다.

가격: ₩ 668,600

Perpetual License: Licensed per-user. This means that a Named User who owns the license may install and use the software on up to five computers (including operating systems and Virtual Machine...

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Advanced Installer IDE Compatibility
  • Windows 7 or newer

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