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AlchemyJ enables analysts and developers to build APIs from Excel spreadsheets which contain the logic and specification of the API. It makes project team members focus on business requirements instead of technical details of the API. All these translate into time, resource and cost-saving, while delivering an even higher quality API.

Why AlchemyJ?
The traditional development process of "Requirements Analysis > System Design > Programming > System Integration Test > User Acceptance Test" imposes too much communication, is prone to error and demands substantial time, resource and skill sets. AlchemyJ eliminates all these problems by simplify the process to "Requirements Modeling > Model Testing > User Acceptance Test". Instead of writing few hundreds of pages of Requirements Specification, Requirements Modeling in Excel is a more efficient approach for not just requirements collection but also validation by letting users to visualize and test the logic they required. Once the models are ready, AlchemyJ will make the API ready instantly.

Key Benefits

  • Avoid mistakes in requirements collection.
  • Simplify project team communication process to reduce misinterpretation.
  • Ease technical skillsets requirements for more flexibility in project team profile.
  • Simplify the development process to gain a short turnaround time.
  • Save cost by translating all benefits above.

Technical Features

  • Build API in Java, REST and JavaScript from Excel spreadsheets.
  • Support database, file and email operations.
  • Support Data Dictionary for data validation and transformation.
  • Support authentication, access and session management.
  • Provide Interactive Debugger for troubleshooting.
  • Support Automatic Testing Framework.
  • Generate OpenAPI (Swagger) specification automatically.
  • Support Multi-Workbook development model.
  • Support 50+ AlchemyJ Extended and 300+ native Excel functions.
  • Support User Defined Function for Unbounded Extensibility.
  • Provide Built-In Workflow template.
  • Advanced algorithm for concurrent access.
  • Support for PostgreSQL Server.
  • File data type.
  • Extended functions for Big String and Big Number.

Excel Library Features

  • AlchemyJ Extended Functions
  • Excel Add-in Only
  • Commercial Use
  • Support MySQL

Community Edition Features

  • At most 4 Function Points
  • At most 1 Endpoint Group
  • REST Security
  • Java API
  • Data Dictionary
  • AlchemyJ Extended Functions
  • OpenAPI Specification
  • Automatic Testing Tool
  • API Inspector
  • AlchemyJ Branding Messages
  • Commercial Use
  • Run on Windows Server
  • Support MySQL

Enterprise Edition Features

  • Includes all features in the Community Edition
  • Unlimited number of Function Points
  • Unlimited number of Endpoint Groups
  • Remove AlchemyJ Ad message
  • Advanced algorithm for concurrent access
  • Distributed Development Model
  • Run on Linux-based Server
  • Support Microsoft SQL Server
  • Support Oracle Server
  • Support PostgreSQL Server
  • File data type
  • Extended functions for Big String and Big Number
  • Technical Support by email