Antenna House Regression Testing System (AHRTS) 관련 정보

페이징된 PDF 출력에 대한 자동화되고 빠르며 정확한 테스트.

Antenna House Regression Testing System (AHRTS) is an automated system for testing publications, graphics, business documents and virtually any paged PDF output from any software. It compares the visual PDF output, not the underlying code.

Antenna House Visual Regression Testing System offers users the options of comparing/regression testing individual PDFs and directories of PDFs from any software. For Antenna House Formatter customers, it offers the ability to automatically test documents from different versions of Antenna House Formatter. Available for Windows and Linux.

AHRTS Features:

  • Compares visual output – not dependent of underlying code
  • PDF to PDF file comparison
  • PDF to PDF directory comparison
  • Able to test any PDF output*
  • Unlimited page comparison
  • GUI Interface
  • New - Image to image compare
  • New - Difference highlighting
  • New - Able to exclude portions of a page from comparison

AHRTS Benefits:

  • Automates regression testing
  • 90%+ reduction in human effort
  • 90%+ reduction in regression testing time
  • Able to catch 100% of the differences in page formatting
  • Able to catch more subtle differences that could otherwise go unnoticed
  • Able to test more often with increased reliability in the regression testing process

When should regression testing be performed?
Regression test system changes, changes to CMS, changes to stylesheet, changes to formatting software, changes to graphic software. Regression testing should take place anytime your system, hardware or software changes, to determine if what was correct in the output is still correct in output. Changes may result in content disappearing, incorrect formatting, changes to the integrity of images, tables and many other (sometimes subtle) issues that invalidate the reliability of the document.

Regression Testing as a development tool.
Did a change in the stylesheet produce the desired effect?
Did the 2 pt. shift in a rule really happen?
Are there any unexpected effect?
With regression testing you can quickly determine if changes to stylesheets are producing the desired results by comparing original and changed output.

Regression Testing as an acceptance tool.
The Antenna House Regression Testing Report can quickly demonstrate changes and can be used as an acceptance document that eliminates any doubt as to the work performed and the results produced.

Unique Regression Test Page Display
The Regression Testing Suite Report consists of three parts:

  • Summary of documents with no differences and with differences;
  • By document a list of all pages with changes;
  • For each page with changes, a 3 panel display shows the original page in the left hand pane, the new page in the right hand pane, and a composite of the old and new pages in the center which highlights the differences. Content in the original page that is not on in the new page is displayed in red. Content in the new page that is not on the original page is displayed in green. Content that has slightly shifted between the old and new page is display in blue.
Features Standard Plus Expanded Distributed
Easy to use GUI
PDF2PDF - Compare 2 versions of the same PDF
PDF2PDF + Compare mulitple PDF contained in 2 directories  
Antenna House Formatter Integration - Compares documents using 2 different versions of Formatter    
API for integration into workflow    
Distributed regression testing across multiple systems to speed testing